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1% for the Planet 1% for the Planet

Quick Stats

Official Name: 1% for the Planet
Year Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Waitsfield, Vermont, USA
Mission: 1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.
Language Spoken: English
# Countries Active: USA
Official Website:
Phone: (802) 496-5408
Areas of Focus: Biodiversity, Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, Conservation, Ecology, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Living
Organisation Type: Non-profit corporation

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1% for the Planet

Country: United States

About Us

One Percent For the Planet is a network of over 1000 business (and counting!) from all over the world that are committed to investing 1% for their sales to environmental causes. The recipients of these donations are non-profit environmental groups, also located all over the world.

Since 2002, over 40 million dollars has been raised and donated to activists working to preserve and protect our planet's precious natural environments.

Today, 1% is a network of over more than 1200 member companies in 40+ countries giving 1% of their annual sales to environmental charities worldwide.

How to donate

1% FOR THE PLANET is a global alliance of companies committed to investing 1% of their annual revenues to campaigns for clean air, pure water, safe food and wild places. Last year 1,250 companies gave $15 million to hundreds of organizations.

To keep building this movement, we need your financial support. We’ll use it to reach out to even more companies, ensuring that groups with a vision for sustainability have the resources they need - year after year - to keep working for a healthy planet.

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One Percent Blog

RIP Peter Matthiessen

Today we’re reflecting on the life and legacy of Peter Matthiessen, one of our most lyrical nature writers. This is a favorite quote of ours from one of his most heralded works, The Snow Leopard: “The secret of the mountain is that the mountains simply exist, as I do myself: the mountains exist simply, which I do not. The mountains have no “meaning,” they are meaning; the mountains are. The sun is round. I ring with life, and the mountains ring, and when I can...

The vision is alive and kickin’

Hey out there! Wanted to introduce us, Earth Mountain Education Farm! We are a grassroots non-profit making great headway in social change towards a sustainable future. My husband, I  the creators of Earth Mountain, made a choice, to walk our talk and live environmentally and socially responsible. The next step was to educate on these principles. Earth Mountain Education Farm does just that, since 2004. These are the products of our work so far… Trinidad Community Garden, The...

Gifts That Last A Lifetime

The following piece was sent to us by our friends at Amazonas Explorer, who are in the process of completing their 7th certification cycle.  Their work is making a huge difference in Peru and we highly encourage you to support their tree planting goals! Read on to learn more… Here in Cusco, Peru there is a long Christmas tradition of businesses giving something back to rural hill communities. Known as a “chocolatada” it involves the office taking a day off to load up a...

Help the Rainforest Trust Announces Joint Earth Day Campaign to Save 100,000 Acres of Amazon Rainforest and Create Reserve for Jaguars

This month 1% for the Planet members can use their 1% of sales contributions to save 100,000 acres of Amazon Rainforest, creating a Jaguar sanctuary. Here are some campaign details, including how you can support them! Photo Credit: Getty Images Rainforest Trust, a nonprofit conservation organization focused on saving threatened lands and endangered species, has announced a cause campaign that invites the public to save 100,000 acres of Amazon rainforest that is home to  jaguars, giant...

Countries for sale? Biofuels and the new colonialism in Africa

PANGEA attended the screening of ActionAid’s new documentary “Countries for Sale? Biofuels and the new colonialism in Africa” on Tuesday April 1st, hosted by Greek Member of the European Parliament Kriton Arsenis, expecting to hear something new on the debate. The MEP opened the event by asking the question, “Are countries for sale?” He said there are a lot of problems in Africa and so was invited by ActionAid to discuss what he had seen in Mozambique last year...

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