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Amity Hook-Sopko Amity Hook-Sopko

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Full Name: Amity Hook-Sopko
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Occupation: Executive Editor, Green Child Magazine

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Amity Hook-Sopko

About Me

Amity Hook-Sopko is the Executive Editor of Green Child Magazine, a  digital magazine devoted to natural parenting and conscious living.  She's also an attachment parenting mom of two boys, a member of the Healthy Child Healthy World blogger network, and a Humane Society volunteer.

Since having her two sons, Amity has gone from a full-time working mom... to a stay-at-home-mom... to a work-at-home-mom for the past five years. She transferred her background in Journalism, Public Relations, and Sales & Marketing into a marketing and copywriting firm where she helped small green businesses connect with their ideal audience. 

Amity wholeheartedly believes that people are more important than things, and she uses her online voice to promote fair treatment of workers, conscious green decision-making, and making a difference -- even a small one -- every day.   

Find her at Green Child Magazine 

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Have you ever tried to take photos of your kids only to have them come out too blurry, too dark, or otherwise lackluster? Did you spend hours debating outfits and fixing your kid’s crazy cowlick for this?! Wonder how your friend’s children have such great smiles all over your social media feed? While professional photos are treasured heirlooms for your children and grandchildren, the day-to-day moments are the ones your children will look back on to tell the story of their...

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