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Amity Hook-Sopko Amity Hook-Sopko

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Full Name: Amity Hook-Sopko
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Occupation: Executive Editor, Green Child Magazine

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Amity Hook-Sopko

About Me

Amity Hook-Sopko is the Executive Editor of Green Child Magazine, a  digital magazine devoted to natural parenting and conscious living.  She's also an attachment parenting mom of two boys, a member of the Healthy Child Healthy World blogger network, and a Humane Society volunteer.

Since having her two sons, Amity has gone from a full-time working mom... to a stay-at-home-mom... to a work-at-home-mom for the past five years. She transferred her background in Journalism, Public Relations, and Sales & Marketing into a marketing and copywriting firm where she helped small green businesses connect with their ideal audience. 

Amity wholeheartedly believes that people are more important than things, and she uses her online voice to promote fair treatment of workers, conscious green decision-making, and making a difference -- even a small one -- every day.   

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The Summer Issue of Green Child Magazine

Summer is ripe for enjoying nature, conscious travel, and healthy eating. The Summer Issue of Green Child Magazine is filled with fresh ideas for gardening, finding balance, and plenty of delicious, seasonal recipes. Browse this breezy issue for ideas on how to set manageable screen time limits, learn more about plant-based healing, and find simple and fun ways to reduce your impact. You’ll also find our inspiring interview with actress, author, and activist, Mariel Hemingway. Be sure...

How to Repair an Original Lego Creation Without Your Child Knowing You Broke it

Editor’s note: This article started as a Facebook post. One morning my cousin (who was like a sister to me growing up) updated her status to: “Another chapter in my never written on paper but often thought of parenting guide is ‘How to Quickly and Flawlessly Repair an Intricately Developed Original Lego Creation Without the Child Learning that Mom Accidentally Dropped It.'” Several friends liked it and told her she needed to write that parenting guide. But she...

Could Working from Home Work for You?

Everything changed when I had my first child. I was an older parent with a college degree and an established career. During my pregnancy, I just knew I would go right back to work in six weeks.  But what actually happened was the complete opposite. Once I had my son, I realized there was no way I could go back to working outside the home. I’d always had my own income and independence over how I spent money. Much of that changed when I left my job. After my second child and...

The Best of Both Worlds: Natural Birth in a Private Suite

…Featuring the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth “Your body knows how to do this… your baby knows how to do this…” These are the words I find myself hypnotically saying at almost every birth, as I watch a mama dive deep into herself to bring her child into the world. Your body, when left alone and undisturbed, yet surrounded by medical and emotional support you trust, will lead you into a space where the thinking part of your brain turns off and the primal...

Whole Grain Apple Cinnamon Bars

My children love any kind of fruit or cereal bar and eat them just about every day. Even though I would buy organic cereal bars, it’s still processed food. Plus, buying box after box gets expensive. I wanted to find a homemade option. My recipe for Apple Cinnamon Bars is full of healthy whole grains and fresh fruit. The kids love them and I’m so happy! I hope your family will agree! Whole Grain Apple Cinnamon Bars 2015-04-09 13:58:15 Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 2...