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Amity Hook-Sopko Amity Hook-Sopko

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Full Name: Amity Hook-Sopko
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Occupation: Executive Editor, Green Child Magazine

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Amity Hook-Sopko

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Amity Hook-Sopko is the Executive Editor of Green Child Magazine, a  digital magazine devoted to natural parenting and conscious living.  She's also an attachment parenting mom of two boys, a member of the Healthy Child Healthy World blogger network, and a Humane Society volunteer.

Since having her two sons, Amity has gone from a full-time working mom... to a stay-at-home-mom... to a work-at-home-mom for the past five years. She transferred her background in Journalism, Public Relations, and Sales & Marketing into a marketing and copywriting firm where she helped small green businesses connect with their ideal audience. 

Amity wholeheartedly believes that people are more important than things, and she uses her online voice to promote fair treatment of workers, conscious green decision-making, and making a difference -- even a small one -- every day.   

Find her at Green Child Magazine 

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Babywearing Week Bliss: Oscha Slings Giveaway

Based in Scotland, Oscha Slings is the original woven baby wrap company in the UK. One of the many things to love about Oscha is that they design & craft their artistic baby slings, accessories, and unique carriers in-house from the finest organic & ethically sourced yarns. Woven, Wearable Art by Oscha Slings With sustainable materials and ethical practices throughout the manufacturing process, these fabrics make up more than just a baby carrier – they’re wearable,...

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Eco-friendly, Creative, (and Free) Ways to Wrap Birthday Gifts

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FDA Finds Glyphosate in Oatmeal and Baby Foods

FDA test results showed evidence of glyphosate (the controversial ingredient in weed killer RoundUp) in instant oatmeals and baby foods. At a Florida meeting, an FDA chemist presented the findings about glyphosate residues in several types of infant oat cereal, including banana strawberry and banana-flavored varieties. Glyphosate was also detected in cinnamon spice instant oatmeal, maple brown sugar instant oatmeal and peach and cream instant oatmeal products, among others. In the sample...

How Chia, Wild Edibles, and Kombucha Can Help Your Child’s Digestion

Tummy aches are a common problem for a child’s developing body. Most of the time they’re harmless, and they pass on their own, but a belly that’s upset regularly is in need of some extra help. Science is finding that children’s health is influenced by a variety of factors. One of the most important factors may actually start at birth, with exposure to mother’s vaginal microbiome. But beyond the question of natural birth vs. c-section, there’s an...