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Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis

Quick Stats

Official Name: Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis
Chief Executive: Jim Egge
Members: ~2,500
Mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the Earth's biological diversity.
Language Spoken: English
# Countries Active: USA
Official Website:
Phone: (612) 827-7629
Areas of Focus: Conservation, Ecology
Organisation Type: Non-profit corporation

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Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis

Country: United States

About Us

In 1939 the Minneapolis Public Library organized seven science clubs for citizens interested in various aspects of the natural environment.  One of these, the Minneapolis Bird Club, met monthly and went on birdwatching field trips.  In 1949, the Minneapolis Bird Club became a branch of the National Audubon Society, and in 1975 the name was changed to the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis.

The Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis currently has about 2,500 members.  Of these, about 200 participate in a variety of activities, from field trips to attending program meetings to helping with conservation efforts.  The remainder help with the important job of supporting Audubon in its conservation and education efforts nationally, statewide, and locally.

Our Conservation Committee is currently involved in helping in removal of invasive species, such as buckthorn and garlic mustard, that crowd out native plants and are less conducive to survival of both migratory and locally nesting birds.

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Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis

Buckthorn Removal

Enjoy time in the woods working with others to protect our urban forests!  Common buckthorn is a shrub/tree from Europe which leafs out early and retains leaves late into fall, creating unnatural and dense shade. Buckthorn is a huge problem, because it outcompetes native plants for nutrients, light and moisture and forms an impenetrable layer of vegetation that degrades wildlife habitat, contributes to erosion, and literally threatens the future of forests, wetlands, and other...

Should we change the day of the month program meetings are held? Take a brief survey & let us know what you think

The Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis board is considering changing the day of the month program meetings are held and we want to hear from chapter members before we decide. Using Survey Monkey, we’ve created a brief online survey that should take no more than five minutes to complete. The survey consists of six short multiple choice questions and a final question that gives you the opportunity to suggest topics and recommend speakers for program meetings. Currently, we hold program...

Christmas Bird Count

Circle December 17th on your calendar to remind you to join us for the annual Christmas Bird Count.  Meet us at the new Springbrook Nature Center at 7:30 to receive your area assignment.  Watch this sight for more details.

Guatemala: Central American Birding Trip

ACM Birding trip with “Partnership for Int’l Birding” Guatemala: Central American Birding Trip With the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis (includes: optional extension to Tikal) TRIP DATES: February 9-18, 2017 (Tikal Extension: Feb.18 to 21, 2017) Birding Trip Summary: Guatemala is a spectacular birding destination with more than 750 bird species. This trip is an exciting birding journey designed so that most birders see 310 to over 340 species in10 days. Guatemala...

Alaska: Spectacular North American Birding

ACM Birding trip with “Partnership for Int’l Birding” Alaska: Spectacular North American Birding With the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis (includes: optional extension to Nome) TRIP DATES: June 11-18, 2017 (Nome Extension: June 18 to 21, 2017) Birding Trip Summary: This is an exceptional value birding trip with 8 days of birding from Denali National Park to the Kenai Peninsula. Every birder will long remember Denali National Park (with great birding, wildlife and Mount...

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