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Australian Daylily Society Australian Daylily Society

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Official Name: Australian Daylily Society
Year Founded: 1986
Chief Executive: Joyce B. Campbell
Headquarters: QLD, Australia
Mission: To promote all phases of the culture of Daylilies (Hemerocallis) by investigation, breeding and enjoyment of the plant
Language Spoken: English
# Countries Active: Australia
Official Website:
Phone: (07) 3299 1507
Areas of Focus: Conservation, Ecology, Plants
Organisation Type: Non-profit corporation

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Australian Daylily Society

Country: Australia

About Us

The Australian Daylily Society Inc was formed in Australia in 1986 Dedicated members have continued to support the society since that time.

The Australian Daylily Society is a non-profit organisation.

The objects of the Society shall be to promote all phases of the culture of Daylilies (Hemerocallis) by investigation, breeding and enjoyment of the plant.

1. Without in anyway limiting the discretion or powers of the Executive or Council of the Society, these objects may be achieved in any or all of the following ways.
2. By a quarterly Journal entitled “Australian Daylily Journal” of a standard that will ensure the interest of daylily enthusiasts throughout Australia and any other country.
3. By encouraging the formation of Regional Branches by its members.
4. By the appointment of a Patron or Patrons, of the Society, and
5. By such other activities as maybe conducive to the attainment of the objects, including annual shows, plant purchases and raffles for the necessary fund raising amongst the membership. Participation in garden expositions and other events to further the knowledge of the public, the advancement of the Daylily in Australia, and other countries, consistent with the spirit of the Constitution.

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