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Australian Native Plants Society

Country: Australia


Huge Interest in Native Plants Society in the 1950s

Society Originally Focused on Growing Australian Plants: Mandate Has Now Expanded


In the late 1950s, a call for interest in a native plant foundation led to a meeting of more than three hundred people, far beyond his original expectations.  Swaby's enthusiasm for local Australian plants led to the first annual conference and the official formation of the Native Plants Society in 1962. The original name of the organization was the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP). It was changed in 2008 to reflect the more diverse interests of the membership.



Focus of Activities

Australian Native Plants Society Educates and Inspires Gardeners

Photos, Publications, and Sourcing Information Help Gardeners Grow Native Plants


Those who wish to preserve plant diversity and those who love to garden both flock to the Australian Native Plants Society. The web site of the Native Plants Society hosts a photo gallery of species native to Australia, such as Acacia and Callistemon to Zieria. Edible, medicinal, and just plain beautiful plants are all featured in this photo catalogue with over 700 species. The society also has a list of sources of native plants, from nurseries selling live plants to seed suppliers.


The Australian Native Plants Society has seven different sections in different Australian states. Groups encourage people to appreciate and grow Australian plants in their gardens. It is an educational association, dispersing knowledge through festivals, seminars, web sites, and printed materials. The Society works for the protection of natural areas and supports the nursery industry as it develops forms of Australian native plants for the garden.


For those enthusiastic plant advocates and gardeners who want to study native plants in depth, the Society has study groups that focus on various aspects of native plant gardening and on different groups of local plants.


Four times a year, the Native Plant Society publishes the journal "Australian Plants," a publication that works to cater to the gardener and the plant breeder alike. Over its more than forty-year history, the society has also published a number of books on issues specific to native plants.


Those who would like to connect with other gardeners can visit a local group meeting. Regional and district groups hold plant and wildflower exhibits, plant sales, garden tours, and bush walks and restoration events.



Notable Achievements

The Australian Native Plants society is well-known for spreading the joy of gardening with indigenous plants throughout Australia's gardening community. Its extensive records of seed and plant sources and its research into native plants help gardeners choose plants that are right for their gardens.

Celebrity Supporters

Celebrity Garden Columnist Founded Australian Native Plants Society

Column Spurred Interest in Indigenous Garden Plants


The founder, Arthur Swaby, was a popular garden columnist who wrote a column entitled, "Know Your Natives." Swaby's public call out to those who love Australian plants proved to be a smashing success, and hundreds flocked to the first meeting.


Governance & Financial

The society is supported in part by its members. Regional groups hold plant sales and exhibitions to raise funds.


Regions / countries which benefit


How to donate

To join and become a donor to the Native Plants Society, members generally join a regional chapter of the Society. There is no national membership.

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