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Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)

Country: Australia


Young and promising

AYCC was established in November 2006 in Melbourne, Australia when more than fifty youth leaders from thirty organisations gathered to discuss how they can fight the climate change and reduce carbon emission. At that time, the Coalition launched with a stunning cinema advertisement where young Australians were explaining the impacts of climate change and what people can do about it.

The first Coalition’s significant action was taken on 17 February 2007, World Environment Day, in Sydney with Channel Seven’s Sunrise program. The youth had gathered on Bondi Beach, where AYCC committee members gave their interviews and the cinema advertisement was presented to the public. Then, additional events were held in other Australian cities, such as Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Hobart and Brisbane

Focus of Activities

Solving the climate crisis

The mission of AYCC is to build a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis by uniting many youth organisations around this problem. The Coalition inspires young Australians to respond actively to climate change through its member groups.

The next big event planned by AYCC is be the first national youth climate summit, Power Shift, in Sydney in July 2009. The conference will gather more than 3,000 young people from all over Australia for three days of various activities including concerts, presentations, discussions and a Green Job Fair.

Notable Achievements

Concerts, politics and United Nations

Live Earth: 

The Live Earth concerts were taking place at the same time on seven continents in 2007. AYCC assisted with organisation of Sydney concert helping with a stall and a roaming Polar Bear mascot. Also, AYCC distributed discounted tickets among young climate activists.


As 2007 was a year of the Federal Election, AYCC used the raised interest of public to the politicians to start the campaign demanding serious policy commitments on climate change. The Coalition launched an interactive website, a Facebook group, and a weekly email/SMS with simple ways to sign up, as well as posters, stickers, and stalls. The organisation worked closely with local organisers in marginal electorates having meetings with almost all the candidates

Parliament House Panel: 

A great event for youth was organised on 9 August 2007 at Parliament House, Canberra. AYCC used social networking through Facebook to gather more than 300 young people for the meeting with Parliament representatives featuring Lynn Allison (Democrats), Barnaby Joyce (Nationals), Bob McMullan (ALP), Christine Milne (Greens) and Russell Broadbent (Liberal Party).

United Nations Delegations: 

In December 2007, AYCC sent delegation to the United Nations conference on climate change in Bali consisting of ten people. Delegation members working in close contact with the Australian government spoke to the conference plenary, organised a powerful photo opportunity that got international media coverage, and helped with coordination of an International Youth Conference for youth from around the world. In the next year, AYCC increased its presence at the United Nations by sending twenty people to the international climate conference held in Poland in December 2008.

Celebrity Supporters

Volunteers are the Power

The AYCC is mainly run by volunteers who contribute their time and efforts to solving the climate change issue. Also, the organisation welcomes youth leaders and local government politics to take part in climate crisis awareness activities.

Governance & Financial

Not-for-Profit Association

AYCC  is incorporated as not-for-profit association and rely entirely on donations to perform its activity.

Following organisations provide funding to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition: the Purves Environmental Fund, The Climate Institute, the Myer Foundation, Foundation for Young Australians, Insurance Australia Group, Greenpeace and GetUp.

Also, AYCC welcomes donations from other organisations and individuals what can be done through the form below:

AYCC Donation Form - thank you!


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