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Center for a Sustainable Coast Center for a Sustainable Coast

Quick Stats

Official Name: Center for a Sustainable Coast
Year Founded: 1997
Headquarters: St. Simons Island, GA, USA
Mission: To improve the responsible use, protection, and conservation of Coastal resources - natural, historic, and economic.
Language Spoken: English
# Countries Active: USA
Official Website:
Areas of Focus: Biodiversity, Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, Conservation, Ecology
Organisation Type: Non-profit corporation

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Center for a Sustainable Coast

Country: United States

About Us

The Center for a Sustainable Coast is a non-profit environmental organization that works with concerned citizens, academics, government officials, sportsmen and resource managers to improve the responsible use, protection, and conservation of coastal resources - natural, historic, and economic.

The Center envisions a region where the environmental interests of all existing and future Georgians are properly represented in every decision that affects them.

The Center believes that people deserve the best possible protection of their health, communities and natural resources.

The Center is working to

1. Advance policies that promote innovative, sustainable ways to use resources in supporting the needs of coastal communities and future generations.

2. Encourage use of the "precautionary principle" to avoid significant risks to public resources when information is inadequate to make reliable decisions.

3. Ensure consistent, accountable, and fair enforcement of all environmental regulations.

4. Insist on thorough and accurate assessment of current conditions and trends, as these reflect the public interest in the region's future.

5. Take timely action to stop unacceptable activities that conflict with public interests and promote restoration of resource systems that have been damaged. 6. Endorse and apply practical research that enhances understanding about the health, function, capacity, protection, and responsible use of Georgia’s coastal resources.

7. Educate the public about all of the above to build an informed and involved constituency that takes appropriate action on vitally important issues.

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