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Who are you? The Super Green Rationale

Going green

Going green has many connotations of living frugally without modern luxury. There are many skeptics when global warming is mentioned, or on the other hand, people are just lazy and think that it will all be ok, or they can just leave the problem up to others or the government to fix. No matter who you are, or on what side of life’s fence, here is a challenge for you:

Whatever your political or religious persuasion, it does not matter if you are an environmentalist, a successful capitalist, a national park association or a corporation. I can find 10 reasons which will persuade you to start living sustainably - within the world’s limits.


Who are you? The top 10 reasons for YOU to go green:

What will life be like if we change?

Eco Friendly

We will be taking positive steps away from the damage we have caused already…. Otherwise, as time goes on, the pollution and resource depletion will become more common, closer to home, and more noticeable than ever before.


See the proof below - it has been adding up quickly.

It is a small world. We have one planet - we are all in this together. How we live impacts others, and how others live impacts us. We all need to improve the way we live our lives. Taking care of the world that feeds us is just makes sense.


Top 10 most polluted places on earth

How many more cities will be polluted, beaches wreaked, rivers destroyed animals killed off, elements constaminated before we start properly managing the resources we have?


Case Studies - Where we have gone wrong:

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