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Environment Victoria

Country: Australia


Our Story

In the 1960s a group of Victorians joined forces to keep the Little Desert from becoming an agricultural development. Wonder of wonders, the cherished landscape was spared. And the Little Desert National Park was established, which was a small victory for Victoria's natural environment.

The funny thing about small victories is … they make you feel empowered. They make you want to take on more challenges. Bigger ones. Tougher ones. And that's how Environment Victoria got started.

Now, 40 years later, we're the leading environmental group in Victoria. We’re plugged in and organized. Independent of the government. And definitely not for profit.

We’ve had our share of victories. And we’re feeling more empowered than ever before. Which is why we’ve come up with the audacious goal of getting all 5 million Victorians to join us, even if it’s just in some small way. We’re calling it Green Action.

With your help, we can persuade every Victorian to get involved. It won't be easy. But 5 million people can get our representatives hopping. Get businesses bending over backwards to become truly green. Get the whole country to pay attention. Maybe even the world.

So what do you say? Are you in?

Focus of Activities

Environment Victoria mobilises people to safeguard our environment.

We collect information from the scientific community. We develop positions on the issues. And tell people about them. We get people talking. We organise events and hold summits to plan for the future.

We help our leaders make informed policy decisions. We convince them to do something. Or convince them to not do something. We try to change the system for the better.

We help you LEARN. Empower you to ACT. Invite you to SHARE. And encourage you to GIVE. At Environment Victoria, we work hard every day to:

  • Inspire everyone to live within the limits of nature.
  • Amplify our community's voice on environmental issues.
  • Protect everyone's right to participate in environmental decisions.
  • Develop green action solutions that average citizens can act upon.

We take little green actions in our personal lives. And big green actions whenever we can. In every single green action we take, we try to bring people together rather than creating divisions. Because every one of us is natural part of the environment. And it's going to take all of us to get this job done.

We run campaigns and programs in water and healthy rivers, safe climate, sustainable lifestyles and smart stuff (less waste).

Notable Achievements

Big and small, they are the fuel that keeps us going. They give us energy and make us all feel like what we’re doing matters.

Sometimes they’re simply an agreement between people on a particularly sticky subject. Or a word change in new legislation that transforms the law’s effect. Other times they manifest themselves physically, like water flowing in a river or lower emissions figures for the month. Every time, our successes are worth sharing and celebrating. Because when you add them all up, you can see the progress we’ve made – and are making – in safeguarding our environment.

Need a lift? Look over this list of accomplishments here


Celebrity Supporters

Regions / countries which benefit

We need 5 million people – that’s all Victorians – to take action to safeguard our environment.

Right now, all across the state, people just like you are taking action on behalf of our environment. And just like you, they are already making a huge difference.

But our future at stake, so we need to seriously ramp things up. We think 5 million people will help us get the changes we need.

Just imagine it – the difference we could make if all 5 million of us worked together to safeguard our environment. Alone we’re just one drop in the ocean, but together we’ll become a trickle, which becomes a stream, and then a mighty river.

Now, that’s a movement that can’t be stopped.

We’re calling it Green Action. And we want you to be a part of it. It’s going to take all of us. Sure, getting everyone to join together on Green Action won’t be easy. But 5 million people can get our representatives hopping. Get businesses bending over backwards to make green profitable and productive. Get the whole country to pay attention. Maybe even the world.

Are you in?



How to donate

We're a great investment

We work really hard to make wise choices about how we allocate the money and resources you donate to us. Which, quite frankly, makes Environment Victoria one of the best investments you can make these days.

We will spend your money on the things that matter most – getting water to our rivers, reducing Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions, making landfills a thing of the past and empowering people to live sustainably.

Think about it. When you give to Environment Victoria...

  • You help write policy and legislation that will safeguard our environment.
  • You provide a voice for local, regional and statewide concerns.
  • You spread the word on Green Action so everyone can get involved.

We believe in using our valuable resources on what matters most. 96 cents of every dollar given to Environment Victoria gets used on campaigns and programs designed to ensure the future of our environment. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. So c'mon. You know you want to help.

Become a volunteer

Make a bequest

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Make a one off donation

Give monthly

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