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Environmental Organisation News Wire

Resources 2020 with Kenneth J. Arrow

164 Views | 0 Comments
1972 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Kenneth J. Arrow delivered the second in a series of lectures celebrating RFF's 60th anniversary. Archived video of the event is now available. Read More

Resources 2020 with Thomas C. Schelling

191 Views | 0 Comments
Video now available for "Geoengineering: Time for Some Gentle Experimentation" with Thomas C. Schelling, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences. Read More

Resources Magazine: Population and Sustainability

135 Views | 0 Comments
Pennsylvania State University professor Warren C. Robinson explains how changes in the demographic processes ? fertility, mortality, and migration ? affect the prospect of sustainable global economic development in the latest Resources magazine. Read More

Resources Magazine: Ensuring Competitiveness under a US Carbon Tax

162 Views | 0 Comments
Tax exemptions, industry rebates, and border tax adjustments can help protect the competitiveness of industries affected by a carbon tax, but they are not equally efficient at achieving economic and environmental goals. In the latest issue of Resources, RFF scholars Carolyn Fischer, Richard... Read More

Resources Magazine: How a Clean Energy Standard Works

122 Views | 0 Comments
A clean energy standard, a policy that imposes a minimum level of electricity generation that comes from clean energy, has been proposed in various forms since 2010. In an interview for Resources magazine, Center Fellow Anthony Paul and Resident Scholar Nathan Richardson discuss the details and... Read More

Environmental Issue Profiles


Suburbia, Image - David Shankbone
The rapid expansion of urban communities and road construction have had a serious environmental impact on natural ecosystems. Tempering overdevelopment, as this problem is often called, can be done... Read more...


City Smog
Smog is a type of air pollution that accumulates in the lower atmosphere over towns and cities, emanating from vehicle exhaust pipes, factories and especially where a great deal of coal is burned.... Read more...

Coral Bleaching

Coral Bleaching
Coral bleaching occurs when, due to stress, the coral expels the zooxanthellae algae with which it has a symbiotic relationship. This stress can come in the form of higher water temperatures,... Read more...

Groundwater Contamination

A bucket of water drawn from a polluted well in India
Since the Industrial Revolution, Groundwater Contamination has been an issue that has plagued our global society. Now Climate Change further threatens the 6% of fresh drinking water available on... Read more...


Sand dunes in death valley national park
Desertification is the process whereby through human intervention; and degradation occurs and local flora and fauna are lost. This leads to the creation of sand dunes through erosion and wind,... Read more...

Shark Finning

Shark finning is the practice of catching sharks and cutting off their fins, which are highly prized in the Orient both for medicinal cures and as the principal ingredient of Chinese shark fin soup. Read more...

Featured Members

Wildlife Warriors Worldwide

Programs and Projects - 2008 Highlights Brand new Australian Wildlife Hospital opened Whale Conservation project commenced Koala Research Nature Nic, our newest Ambassador for... Read more...

Reef Check Australia

Training Our globally-accredited training program provides our volunteers with the knowledge and techniques they need to gather high quality data that is useful to coral reef managers.... Read more...

Queensland Conservation Council (QCC)

With the help of QCC, the land area of National Parks in Queensland has increased dramatically in size over the past forty years. Having the Great Barrier Reef declared a marine park was a... Read more...

Project AWARE Foundation

Project AWARE Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization. In partnership with scuba divers and water enthusiasts, Project AWARE offices located in the United States, United Kingdom,... Read more...

Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)

AYCC logo
The Australian Youth Climate Coalition started its activity in 2006 and includes young people, mostly students from schools, universities, TAFEs and youth organisations all over the country. Now... Read more...

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. Sea Shepherd employs direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take... Read more...

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SuperGreenMe provides an outlet for environmental organisations to:

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SuperGreenMe provides the following tools free so you can create awareness:

Member profile - become a member (using your organisation name) and fill out your member profile. All articles you publish are automatically listed on your profile.

Raise Money - add contact details (e.g. website links) on your member profile and organisation profile so people know where they can go to donate to your cause.

Submit Articles - Educate visitors about your cause, projects and other environmental activities by submitting specific articles/research/surveys to SuperGreenMe. Your organisation will get recognition for all articles you contribute.

Published pieces will create awareness for your cause and educate your target audience. For example; submit research, surveys, ‘how to' DIY articles, factual information, white papers, issue overviews and expert opinion pieces.

By adding more knowledge to the community, you gain recognition and are seen as an expert in your field.

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