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Featured Students

Jeri Tocco

Jeri Tocco
I'm a Theatre/Environmental Studies/Biology Major at Loyola in Chicago. I'm 18. I'm originally from Michigan * holds up hand and points to my hometown*   I'm a... Read more...

Ethan Greenacre

Ethan Greenacre
Hi all! I am a normal guy who enjoys playing the guitar, hanging with friends, and relaxing in the amazing world around us. I have a passion for the environment and sustainable living. Read more...

Petra Mayfair

Petra Mayfair
Hi! My name is Petra Mayfair. I publish my writing on and specialize in articles related to sustainable & eco friendly homes. I also love to write about green living and... Read more...

Danielle Iona

Danielle Iona Cave
The world needs people who are willing to create and be a part of change. I've always wanted to make a change in some way, improve the world we are living in, open people to the magnificent world... Read more...


ruth kizzel
I am Ruth Kizzer from Texas. I graduated taking the course of Biology and a I am planning to take up Medicine next year. Read more...

Benefits for Green Students

Gone are the days of paper resumes, cold calling and begging for recognition and ‘a foot in the door’.

The ability to quickly leverage social networks to profile yourself, create professional networks and publish your work can not be under-estimated. is a niche social network which is used to:

  • harness eco enthusiasm;
  • showcase environmental conservation; and
  • create a network of sustainable living collaboration.


Designed with environmental students in mind, SuperGreenMe has many free tools to take advantage of:

  • The ‘Ecopedia’ article directory allows students to profile themselves as an author and publish their written work (assignments, thesis, etc).
  • Upload photos and videos to articles to enhance the story.
  • Use the Social Network to create a customized theme/profile and express yourself by uploading videos, photos, audio and blog posts.
  • The social network is also great for communication - connect and message friends, support organizations, keep informed, promote campaigns/events, rate other media, comment on walls and other media, etc.


Benefits to students:

  • Create a public profile to showcase your community involvement and academic knowledge and experience to prospective employers.
  • Present your character, interests and passion and virtually support/promote the causes you are most interested in.
  • Create a professional network through your involvement in the SuperGreenMe community – connect with green businesses and organisations.
  • Gain recognition and exposure for your work/research.
  • Keep in touch - connect with like minded friends.
  • Learn and be entertained with the community wide videos, photos, audio and blogs.


Benefits to the community:

  • Shares valuable academic content with the community, ensuring hard work does not get lost forever on personal computers!
  • Creates a stronger, more connected community to fight climate and environmental issues.
  • Creates a network to support community organizations and advocacy groups.
  • Connects like-minded individuals and enables collaboration.