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Families For a Safe Climate Families For a Safe Climate

Quick Stats

Official Name: Families For a Safe Climate
Year Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Ashburton, Vic, Australia
Mission: To empower the community to take action to ensure a safe climate.
Language Spoken: English
# Countries Active: Australia
Official Website:
Areas of Focus: Climate Change, Sustainable Living
Organisation Type: Community

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Families For a Safe Climate

Country: Australia

About Us

Families For a Safe Climate is a group based in Ashburton, Melbourne, Australia. We formed in 2006 (as Families Facing Climate Change) as a group of families concerned that our governments (state and federal) weren’t doing enough to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Our purpose is to empower the community to take action to ensure a safe climate. This will be achieved largely through seeking to influence our decision makers to work towards reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, in a safe and economically viable way. We are not aligned with any political organisation and strongly encourage all political parties to show leadership on this issue. We come from different backgrounds yet share the common goal of preserving our world for subsequent generations.

Focus of Activities

    To increase community awareness and knowledge of solutions to the climate crisis,
    To engage the community in actions to bring about implementation of viable solutions and
    To lobby local, state and federal governments on climate change.

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