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Gaia Mater (the mother Earth) Gaia Mater (the mother Earth)

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Official Name: Gaia Mater
Headquarters: Les Clayes sous Bois, France
Mission: Solidarity, sharing of means, and protection of environmental equilibrium.
Slogan: Eco-humanist international network
Language Spoken: English, French, Spanish
# Countries Active: France
Official Website:
Areas of Focus: Climate Change, Conservation, Sustainable Development
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Gaia Mater

Country: France

About Us

Gaia Mater (the mother Earth) is an international network of humanist ecology, whose main object is solidarity, sharing of means, and protection of environmental equilibrium.

The activities of Gaia Mater have as first objective general interest and public benefit, by promoting voluntary service and voluntary work, and by developing social link everywhere. This NGO is an active intermediary of application of the objectives of the Belgrade Charter (United Nations Organization 1975) and of the Earth Charter (UNESCO 2000) on education and protection of environmental equilibrium.



Gaia Mater was admitted in 2006 in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organization (UNO) under permanent consultative status (special list) from the recommendation of the UN Committee on NGO. Represented by Marc CARL, Gaia Mater chaired the Committee on Development of the Conference of NGOs (Geneva) in UN status from February, 2008 till February, 2009.


French representation was constituted in 1979, then reconstructed in 1998, by associations and militants already active since about twenty years in ecology, solidarity, and social economy. This representation, which benefits in France from a governmental agreement of national association of environmental protection, was at the origin of the swarming of the most part of the other representations, of which it formed many members, notably in the permanent west-African representations. The common NGO was born in 1998 during the reorganization of the French structure. This NGO was dissolved the 31/12/2008 with the aim of reconstruction in foundation.

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