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Getaway Earth Holiday Rentals

Country United Kingdom

About the Business

Getaway Earth Holiday Rentals is a UK based, globally active community of holiday rental home owners, and features villas, apartments, gites, cottages and even castles for rent around the world. 

Business Specialization

We place a particular emphasis on properties with caring owners who ensure that their property offers unique and enjoyable holidays - holiday homes whose owners go that extra mile. Many of our owners operate villas with a strong focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices - elements we strongly support. 

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Holiday Rentals Blog

An Interview with Joe Jones – Co-Founder of Touch Stay

If you’ve ever stayed in a vacation rental you’ll no doubt have seen an owner’s welcome pack. It’s there to help you familiarise yourself with the place you’re staying in, as well as the surrounding area. Cue Touch Stay, a recently launched software start-up designed to take the paper welcome pack online, accessible to both owner and guest via the web. We spoke to co-founder Joe Jones about Touch Stay, how it works and why it’s useful to both owners and...

Vacation Rental Revenue Models: What’s the Future?

If you’re a vacation rental owner then you’re used to paying listings sites like HomeAway a fee. If you’re a guest then you most certainly are not. Why then are we starting to see listings sites where guests are charged a fee for booking a vacation rental? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look at Airbnb. This model has also been adopted by travelmob (take a look under the payment section) and, just recently, Flipkey introduced a “book now”...

An Interview with Turochas “T” Fuad – CEO & Co-Founder of travelmob

On July 17th, 2013 HomeAway announced the purchase of a majority stake in Singapore based startup travelmob (yes the t is lower case!). We spoke to Turochas “T” Fuad about the acquisition, their revenue model, the challenges facing the vacation rental industry, and more… Q: Congratulations on being acquired by HomeAway! What does this mean for the future of travelmob? Thank you Andy! This acquisition announcement is a testament to HomeAway’s belief in the potential of...

An Interview with Jon Gray – HomeAway Americas SVP

There’s no doubt about it, HomeAway has been riding the great vacation rental wave over the last few years. Revenue has more than tripled between 2009 and 2012 to $280m, with equally strong profitability growth. And just last week saw the release of 2013 2nd quarter results, with revenue, profits and free cash flow all growing at around 20%. According to HomeAway’s own business outlook those results are set to continue for the remainder of 2013. Today, with a market cap of $2.69...

Find me a Holiday Home

At Getaway Earth we’re fascinated by what’s coming next in vacation rentals. Sites like HomeAway and VRBO were the pioneers of the traditional listing site model. But we can’t help but feel that the old way of throwing a listing up on directories like these and watching the bookings roll in isn’t enough. Matt Landau makes that point well in his latest post entitled “Why I Don’t Believe in Listing Sites”. So when I was approached by Kath from Find Me a...

Submitted by Getaway Earth Holiday Rentals on May 5, 2012