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Super Charge Your Green Business With SuperGreenMe!

The internet has proven to be a powerful tool for business.

This is especially true in the area of networking, consumer interaction and marketing which all can be amplified using dynamic web 2.0 tools.

Consumers are getting tired of seeing your PR team pumping out fluffy press releases.

Instead, make a direct impact! Engage, interact and build trusting relationships with your customers

Become a thought leader or educator!

Use to gain FREE exposure and launch your brand deeper into the eco community.

Not only will you gain immediate access to the SuperGreenMe community, but you can bolster your presence online and create a solid platform for your brand on the internet.

No longer do you need to rely on traditional two dimensional advertising for sales leads and networking opportunities!

Now you can reach and interact with your customers and network 24/7 - right here, right now.



  Instant access to a large community of eco-minded individuals   

  • is an established online green community
  • Over 500 visitors every day, and is growing quickly!


  Free Advertising and Credible Exposure

  •  Set up your publisher and community profiles to anchor your presence within the community
  • Upload articles, photos, videos, blogs and audio to build your web of quality content and make your presence felt
  • Then interact, work together, support each other!  Make friends, send other members messages and comment on their media



 Article Marketing - Promote your brand, products and services

The SuperGreenMe Ecopedia provides the following tools free to promote your buisness:

  •  All articles published will link to your Publisher Profile, and are are automatically listed on your profile
  • Publish Articles - You get recognition for all articles uploaded
  • Submit informational articles which explain the practical benefits of your product or service
  • For example: submit research, surveys, ‘how to' DIY articles, factual information, white papers and expert opinion pieces
  • Press Releases, Product Launches, Create awareness of your brand and expertise
  • By contributing articles to the community, you gain credibility and are seen as an innovator and an expert in your field.

Use SuperGreenMe to gain direct access to your target audience, then impress them!



  Educate your target Audience

  •  Create Awareness & Educate the Community about the innovation your product / service delivers
  • Educate visitors about the green benefits of their services and products



  Discover, Connect and Interact With Your Customers

  •  Engage and interact with other SuperGreenMe members
  • Turn them into customers and build your relationships
  • Customer Acquisition - promote your eco friendly credentials



  Free Social Media Tools - Virally distribute promotional videos, photos and audio

  • Upload all of your promotional videos, photos, articles and audio
  • Spread your message far and wide



  Advertising - Premium Access to the SuperGreenMe Community

  •  There are various ways you can advertise directly to your target market on SuperGreenMe.  
  • For Example: Display Advertising, Product Reviews and Reef Reality Sponsorship.  
  • Contact Us for more information.

Featured Green Business Members

GAPS Nutrition Consultancy

GAPS Australia is a support network and information site for people following the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Read more...

home solar & wind power

Company Vision & Future             To ensure a healthy future by reducing the human ecological footprint on Earth. We do this by providing high... Read more...


0 0 0 Climate Feet is committed to reducing the impacts of climate change. We provide verified carbon offsets to individuals and businesses that want to make a positive... Read more...

Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring Spas is one of the worlds leading hot tub distributors with over 800,000 spas sold world wide. Established in 1977, we've grown our brand to be known for its environmentally concious... Read more...

GREENCulture, Inc.

Richard T
From bedroom furniture (made from sustainable resources) and energy efficient light fixtures to composting supplies and area rugs, GreenCulture promotes environmental conservation through sales of... Read more...

Trolley Buddy

Trolley Buddy is a "greener way to shop". Made from 100% recycled PET, Trolley Buddy is a eco-friendly, re-useable shopping bag that clips onto your shopping trolley.   Read more...

Green Business News

Cement self-sufficiency: BUA's $1b investment to the rescue

We use natural gas, which is a very clean energy for both our kiln as well as the power plant, in addition to having a very green environment,” Rabiu ...

Glasgow residents love the "dear green place"

Furthermore, six out of ten (60 per cent) surveyed in the city are worried about the future of the environment, which is almost double the UK average ...

Cool ideas and green lessons from the past

The National Library Building in Victoria Street, which won BCA's Green ... Construction Authority (BCA) held the annual Singapore Green Building Week. ... NUS' School of Design and Environment, said that higher real-estate prices ...

Naidu: green cover will be enhanced to 50% by 2029

He was speaking at the valedictory of the two-day Regional Conference on Environment organised by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the ...

The drivers of China's green shift

But one expert argues China is leading the way in a “global green shift” ... Talk about China and the environment, and the image that comes to mind ...

Featured Green Business Members

Business Profiles


2633 Views | 0 Comments
ezyGrow is an Austrailan (Qld) family company that has invested in tooling up to create the ezyGrow Planter and Stand. The Planter are made of the same as poly rainwater tanks are made of and have a built in water saving device. Read More
Business Profiles

Practical Aquaponics with Murray Hallam

5272 Views | 0 Comments
I have always been very interested in growing my own vegetables and a keen fisherman, so the idea of Aquaponics (being able to grow your own fish and vegetables together) really struck a chord with me. I discovered that there was very little product available that truly suited the needs of a... Read More
Business Profiles

Feuerwear - eco friendly bags and accessoires made from recycled firehose

2913 Views | 0 Comments
Feuerwear makes eco friendly bags and accessories from recyceld firehose. Read More
Business Profiles

Going Green Expo

2400 Views | 0 Comments
Going Green Expo lasts for 3 days and is held every year in both Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia. The expo offers solutions and provides a comprehensive forum for demonstration & information from a wide range of available products and services. Read More

Trolley Buddy

2127 Views | 0 Comments
Trolley Buddy is a new eco-friendly re-useable shopping bag that clips onto your supermarket shopping trolley. Read More
Australian Ethical
Business Profiles

Australian Ethical

1997 Views | 0 Comments
Since 1986, australian ethical has been helping people invest their savings and superannuation in an environmentally and socially positive way.   Read More
Business Profiles


1795 Views | 0 Comments
0 0 0 Climate Feet is committed to reducing the impacts of climate change. We provide verified carbon offsets to individuals and businesses that want to make a positive environmental difference to their lifestyle and business operations. Our offsets are sourced from renewable... Read More
Business Profiles

Skybox Ink

1690 Views | 0 Comments
Skybox Ink offers the highest quality green printing available, featuring high-quality recycled and chlorine-free papers, at affordable prices. We also use soy/vegetable based inks and Zero VOC solvents on ALL of our printing jobs. We offer a HUGE selection of printing products including... Read More
Business Profiles

The Solar Guys

1420 Views | 0 Comments
The Solar Guys is based in Darra, Queensland Australia & is committed to providing the highest quality & performance Solar both to residential and commercial customers in SE QLD, for all those looking to join the Solar Revolution. Read More