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Be Entertained, Learn, Discuss, Share and Become a Catalyst for a Sustainable Planet!

SuperGreenMe is an online community of like-minded people who want to live a more sustainable life.

A large tribe of individuals, organisations and businesses who think and dream they way you do.

We provide YOU with free tools to share ideas, information, multimedia and motivation!

No longer does your message and unique interests get lost in the clutter of large social networking sites.

You will find all of the green answers, information, friends, support and news you need to live sustainably 24/7.



  Ecopedia - The Knowledge Bank

We clarify and demonstrate all of the benefits of sustainable living in ways that everyone can understand, get enthused and apply.

  • Submit a Tip! - Share your knowledge by publishing all types of articles
  • Plenty of instructive info with a multimedia twist
  • ‘How to' articles, News, Top 10 tips
  • Profiles of national parks, organisations, endangered animals and environmental issues
  • Slide shows, video feeds, glossary, news feeds, reference links and much more.
  • Search - If you are on a mission to find something, type it into the search box, click ‘search' and watch the results come to you!



  Community - Social Networking for Like Minded People

Are you sick of the ‘one size fits all' approach of the large social networks, where relevant information and good applications get lost in the clutter?

SuperGreenMe is tailored for the eco minded and based on rich, environmentally friendly content.

  • Profile - create a public profile as individual eco-warriors.
  • Share - videos, photos, links, music and articles
  • Keep in touch - connect with friends
  • Meet & Connect like-minded people with similar interests
  • Everything else - leave comments, rate articles, invite friends, favourites



 Action Packed Pointers

Get your concrete steps needed to take action!

A smorgasboard of information to show you how to re-focus habits and lifestyle for more sustainable living.



  Green Bloggers Paradise

Profile your blog, get great backlinks and expand your reach



  Enthusiasts, Educators and Reporters

SuperGreenMe provides you with a public profile where you can showcase your knowledge and experience.

In addition, all articles you submit to SuperGreenMe are listed on your profile to give you recognition and exposure for your work.

SuperGreenMe is a conduit through which experts can share their knowledge.

  • Publisher Profile - create a public author profile to get the recognition you deserve for your articles
  • Submit an article!  - Share your knowledge and experience by publishing any type of article.
  • Academics - publish your research or thesis
  • Reporters - use SuperGreenMe and another outlet for your message
  • Enthusiasts - write an article about passion to promote your cause


Featured SuperGreenMe Publishers

Malcolm Holland

Malcolm Holland
Sea Shepherd volunteer & sometime 'MV Steve Irwin' vessel crewmember. Participation in the Discovery Channel 'Whale Wars' production shot during direct action campaigns to end whaling in... Read more...

The walking Man

Ian Cleland
I have been an advocate of sustainability since the 70’s with the core area of interest in energy efficient building and systems.     Starting in March 2010 I am walking from... Read more...

David Ireland

David Ireland
David Ireland David Ireland is a world renowned wildlife film producers and is arguably one of the worlds most experienced wildlife presenters with 40 years experience in working with... Read more...

Angela West

The author in Algonquin
Canadian internet consultant that enjoys writing about the environment, and occasionally running around in it. Read more...

Amity Hook-Sopko

Amity Hook-Sopko
Amity Hook-Sopko is the Executive Editor of Green Child Magazine, a  digital magazine devoted to natural parenting and conscious living.   She's also an attachment parenting mom of... Read more...

David Toomey

David Toomey
Hi There! I am a webmaster, eco-enthusiast and investment analyst from Brisbane, Australia. I am the founder of I have a penchant for trying anything once, living... Read more...

Marisa Hefflefinger

Marisa Hefflefinger
My past Parks and Recreation experience solidified my love of nature and led me to use that within my career. I have been in the field of education for the past ten years, working hard to help... Read more...

Karin Cox - Steve Parish Publishing

Karin Cox
ased in Brisbane, Queensland, Steve Parish Publishing provides you with a unique Australian nature experience that will inspire you to celebrate and connect with our incredible natural world.... Read more...