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Antarctica Could Lose Most of Its Penguins to Climate Change

A new study finds significant impact, and a possible silver lining, for the iconic birds over the next century.

We Can Now Tell a Person’s Age Range From Crime Scene Blood

Too Much Light at Night Causes Spring to Come Early

New science suggests light pollution has more impacts than was previously known.

Rescuers Try to Save Giant Blue Whale Trapped in Fishing Gear

Whale watchers found an 80-foot cetacean in distress off the California coast. Saving it has proven tricky.

Whale Sharks Move in Mysterious Ways: Watch Them Online

The gentle giants take surprising "road trips" to faraway destinations, scientists discover.

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Modern humans may have smoked 'hobbits' out of their caves and into extinction

Modern humans may have smoked 'hobbits' out of their caves and into extinction Fire discovery offers clues about the demise of a tiny species of human that once lived in Southeast Asia.

Library cat's pending eviction splits Texas town

Library cat's pending eviction splits Texas town Readers of all ages love Browser, but he may soon lose his home in a Texas library because of a complaint from an employee.

Kellogg's cafe to dish up 'artisanal' cereal

Kellogg's cafe to dish up 'artisanal' cereal You could buy two boxes of cereal for what one bowl will cost at Kellogg's Time Square cafe, but you'd have to add your own lemon...

IKEA recall spotlights the importance of wall anchoring

IKEA recall spotlights the importance of wall anchoring So, is your furniture securely fastened to the nearest wall?

Why don't all states require dyslexia screening in schools?

Why don't all states require dyslexia screening in schools? Research has shown early intervention to treat dyslexia can drastically change the course of a child's education for the better.

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Oakland says no thanks to coal exports

A proposal to turn a former Army base into a coal export terminal was thwarted Monday by a vote of the Oakland City Council....

There’s now a Tinder for National Parks

Finding the right match isn’t easy. Maybe he’s too short, too old, or covered in millions of tons of gypsum sand. But now,...

See how the Sierra Club’s leader is trolling Republicans

The head of the Sierra Club is having some fun trolling the GOP. The Republican National Committee reportedly can’t find...

The ocean is full of treasure — if you know where to look

Finding money in the world’s oceans is a lot easier than finding Dory, at least according to NOAA. A team of researchers from NOAA...

Congress fails to pass Zika bill, and that’s an ominous sign of things to come

The Zika virus epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean threatens to spread throughout much of the United States, causing birth...


CLIMATE: White House aligns with Canada, Mexico on emissions plan

The White House unveiled a climate "action plan" with Canada and Mexico that goes beyond the previously announced goal of drawing half of...

NATURAL GAS: DOE is greens' new target in export battle

Environmentalists trying to torpedo planned exports of natural gas have shifted their sights from the Federal Energy Regulatory...

MINING: Industry facing 'targeted and coordinated' cyberattacks

Mining companies, increasingly dependent on automation, need to get more serious about hackers, a study released this week says.

OIL AND GAS: BLM plan backs truce over Colo. plateau

The Bureau of Land Management yesterday advanced a pact between environmentalists and drilling companies to scale back oil and gas...

SENATE: Coal state senators fail to block P.R. bill over miner benefits

A bipartisan block of coal state senators failed this morning to force action to shore up an imperiled United Mine Workers of America...


So how did they get that grand piano to the Arctic?

The Steinway baby grand piano was slung and swung on board in Germany, it was lashed down in the hold and we headed north. We took in a...

The melting Arctic ice calls for protecting what I love

Last week I visited the Svalbard archipelago in the northern Barents Sea to bear witness to the rapid changes occurring in the Arctic. In...

Brazil: the most dangerous country for environmental activists in 2015

Last year was the worst year on record for the murder of environmental activists, and more killings took place in Brazil than in any...

Greenpeace reaction to UK decision to leave EU

Reacting to the vote to leave the EU, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said:"Many of the laws that make our drinking and...

My first time in the Arctic

This week held huge hope for the Arctic. We could have seen the start of a sanctuary protecting one of the most pristine and beautiful... - Green Gossip

I won’t applaud Perdue, they’re still killing chickens

Recently, activists applauded the end of chicken culling. Now, the gang is throwing their support behind the addition of windows and hay...

This vegan sneaker is made entirely of wood

Your mind may have wandered in to clog territory, but these shoes have a lot more flexibility. Oddity Central shared the news that nat-2,...

We Need to Talk About Yulin

Guest Post by Dr. Frances McCormack...

Dear Vegan Feminists, Where Are You? An Open Letter

Guest Post by Judith Woolf...

Vendor list announced for the Chicago Vegan Food & Drink Festival

The Chicago Vegan Food and Drink Festival is coming up fast! So as you prepare your best festival outfit, don’t forget to leave...


Photo: Smiling bullfrog basks in the lily pads

Our reader photo of the day is the picture of summer.

More housing units lost to mansions as New York City de-densifies

More proof that it's not nostalgists and NIMBYs causing housing shortages, it's inequality.

Will California start drilling deep for water?

Stanford scientists find a 'water windfall' deep underground; its viability as a resource is problematic, its protection is essential.

Google Earth gets a major visual upgrade

The software gets a facelift, letting users virtually travel the world in even greater detail.

5 things to put in a hot dog bun that aren’t meat

These vegetarian hot dog stand-ins don’t rely on fake meat, yay, and let plants-only eaters in on the fun.