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A Plant That Looks Like Poop and Other Sneaky Disguises

A South African herb has evolved a clever strategy to attract pollinating dung beetles.

How to See a Rare Planetary Close Encounter

See a Surprise Comet Landslide and a Gleaming Dwarf Galaxy

World’s Northernmost Islands Added to Russian National Park

The major park expansion protects unique habitat for many important Arctic species, from walruses to polar bears.

Non! Nein! No! A Country That Wouldn’t Let Women Vote Till 1971

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Meal kits are convenient, but what about the wasteful packaging?

Meal kits can curb excess food waste, but does their packaging cancel out the good?

​Young sea lions celebrate one year since arrival

Rescued young sea lions Jupiter and Neptune arrived at Georgia Aquarium in August 2015. See how both pups look today.

Once divided, Balkan countries wage all-out war against litter

Albania, Croatia and others set aside past differences to conquer rampant waste.

Swimming with dolphins may soon be banned in Hawaii

Federal officials say swimming with dolphins disturbs the species' natural behavior in the wild.

Zookeepers get clever to weigh animals

It's no easy task weighing 17,000 animals.

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Your favorite national park is about to get a lot hotter

Summertime is prime time for national parks. As snow melts, wildflowers bloom, and waterfalls roar, generations of visitors have flocked...

Americans love genetically modified mosquitoes much more than other GMOs

When the news started to spread about a plan to release genetically engineered mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, it seemed laughable. The...

The complicated science of organic food, in one awesome podcast

Did you know organic fields are more likely than conventional ones to leach fertilizers into waterways? It pains me to admit I...

The warmer it gets, the more it snows in Antarctica. Huh?

Antarctica is a weird place. While it’s losing ice faster than an heiress in a caper movie, it’s also getting a whole lot...

Trump’s campaign chief once ran a major climate research center

This story was originally published by Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Long before Stephen...


AIR POLLUTION: Texas scientist wages rare campaign for EPA advisory post

The top toxicologist for Texas' environmental agency has waged an unprecedented campaign for a spot on a U.S. EPA panel with a critical...

NATIONAL MONUMENTS: Obama seeks legacy with world's largest ocean protected area

President Obama created the world's largest marine protected area today, becoming the latest president to turn to the Pacific's pristine...

ALT VEHICLES: Driverless Uber arrives, and Pittsburgh hops aboard

Pittsburgh residents hailing Uber rides could soon find themselves getting into a car without a driver.

Q&A: Former Science chair doesn't miss Congress 'for a nanosecond'

Former Congressman Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.) goes by Sherry, "like the wine," he tells people.

CAMPAIGN 2016: It's raining endorsements ahead of Election Day

With 74 days left until the November elections, endorsement season is in full swing.


Which country is most likely to repair their electronic gadgets?

What happens when your mobile phone dies? Which country is most likely to recycle? And do people repair their phones or just simply throw...

Globalisation’s dark side

Although concerns about immigration appeared as factors in Britain’s exit from the European Union, the Brexit vote was also a...

Destructive palm oil company IOI let off the hook too easily by RSPO

A major palm oil company, which had its sustainability certificates suspended for violating rules designed to prevent the destruction of...

4 stories of Indigenous Peoples’ struggle for climate justice

Racism, deforestation, powerful mining companies, colonialism, the oil industry – Indigenous People across the world are fighting...

Rio Olympics: Why the opening ceremony’s spotlight on climate change matters

As a Brazilian, it saddens me to see so much bad press around my country now that the Olympics Games are happening. Two years ago, during... - Green Gossip

Other vegans think I’m an asshole

I’ve come to expect non-vegans to despise me. With each post I write, literature I recommend, and dairy-free cheese platters I...

The Pig Trial that Changed Nothing

Guest Essay by Jeff Perz ——————————— Anita Krajnc is the co-founder of...

Recommending ‘Meatless Monday’ doesn’t make Oprah a hero

I am so tired of celebrating the promotion of eating meat six days a week, instead of seven. VegNews was jazzed to share that following a...

Forget Billboards and Bus Ads. Give me Grassroots.

Guest Post by Dr. Frances McCormack...

Hey GQ, there’s no such thing as a weekend vegan

The headline “Why you should follow a vegan diet” definitely tricked me. What I was sure would be some nutritionally sound...


Photo: Least tern adopts angel pose

Our photo of the day reveals the angelic side of an energetic tern.

Is the McMansion era over?

It appears that they have turned out to be a bad investment.

Artist's murals of animals in mystical metamorphosis reconnect us back to nature (Video)

Animals painted with fantastical realism undergo an extraordinary transformation in these large-scale artworks.

How to reduce exposure to pollutants while stuck in traffic

New study says simple adjustments to a car's ventilation system during traffic jams can reduce exposure to pollutants by up to 76 percent.

Have we reached Peak Dog in our cities?

On National Dog Day, a look at the question of doggie density