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National Geographic

14 Not-Fake Shark Pictures From a Real Nat Geo Photographer

A Rare Look at the Disappearing World of Antarctica's Whales

As the southern continent rapidly warms, some whale populations are booming—while others are suffering from lack of ice.

Man Who Punched Kangaroo to Save His Dog Risked His Life

Doomed Spacecraft Begins Final Dives Near Saturn’s Rings

An Early Benefactor of Bite-Size Benevolence

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Want to banish the winter blues? Try a little creativity

Engaging in small bouts of creative work can boost mood, researchers in New Zealand and U.S. find.

14 amazing sinkholes

Some of the most fascinating sinkholes around the globe.

Cannabis coffee pods are a thing — and they're even compostable

Marijuana-infused coffee pods combine coffee and cannabis will be 100% compostable, says maker Brewbudz.

13 superfoods that can improve your life

These dietary dynamos fight everything from cholesterol to cancer, helping you live a longer, healthier life.

Being nice at work may be killing your career

Want to get paid more at work? Stop being so nice. A new study found that agreeable women get paid less than everyone else at the office...

Discovery Channel


There’s a new dystopian show to channel all your real-life fears.

Incorporated, a new Syfy series produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, is set in 2074, after climate change has led to the collapse...

The first offshore wind farm in the U.S. is about to go online, despite a malfunctioning turbine.

One of the five newly installed turbines off the shore of Block Island, Rhode Island, will be late getting...

We have good news for tropical forests and people who like to breathe.

A few days ago, Brazil committed to restoring a degraded area about the size of Minnesota. It will reforest 12 million...

Carl Icahn, a billionaire critic of the EPA, is helping Trump shape it.

The well-known investor is reportedly one of the most influential advisers to President-elect Donald Trump as he considers...

Cheap clothes are killing the planet, but you probably already knew that.

Our award-nominated Explainers team combined charming wit and cold, hard facts to demonstrate the real impact of cheap clothing —...


TRANSITION: Exxon CEO could take oil diplomacy into government

As CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp., Rex Tillerson has been a major player on the world energy stage. Tillerson is meeting with President-elect...

POLITICS: The Trump transition will be televised

Selfies with tourists, the street performer Naked Cowboy playing guitar, and government officials publicly auditioning for Cabinet posts...

YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Backers of stalled project join Trump transition team

President-elect Donald Trump is apparently beefing up his transition effort with advocates for federal review of the stalled Yucca...

ENERGY MARKETS: Judges say FERC 'dropped the ball' on Northeast rates

Federal judges today faulted regulators for failing to adequately explain their decision to set a new tariff rate for Northeastern...

CABINET: Trump team boasts of rapid pace as energy picks loom

President-elect Donald Trump has outpaced past presidents in picking Cabinet officials dating back to at least the Nixon administration,...


Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Great Northern Forest

The Great Northern Forest has many names. Scientists see The Great Northern Forest as the boreal forest ecosystem - the global coniferous...

Protecting what protects us

The diversity of nature is essential to ensure our planet remains habitable. That is why we need to stand up to all those who endanger...

What will it take to protect the world’s fish and oceans for future generations?

I don’t speak tuna. And I fear my ability to sign in shark could be fatally misconstrued.But next week when people from all around...

Where is the hope?

I’m not sure we can win with logic. How do we reverse species loss, climate change, toxins, general overshoot of Earth’s...

Four ways our forests must be part of the climate conversation

On a warming planet, forests hold the key to stopping climate change. Forest landscapes and agricultural areas can absorb emissions like... - Green Gossip

Sheep Farmer Fined For Killing Swans – How Anti-Cruelty Laws Are Never For The Animals

An anti-cruelty case surfaced on BBC News a couple of days ago, providing yet another case study into how prosecutions for...

Relationships With Non-Vegans And Why They’re Problematic

There are occasionally some stories that crop up and take your breath away. This happens to be the case with a recent food.mic article...

For Those Upset By The New £5 Notes

It was brought to my attention today that there are trace amounts of animal fat (tallow) in the new £5 notes that are steadily...

Shame on you for not being a welfarist

Guest post by Matt Charalambides ————————- Another Canadian winter is upon us, and of...

The Vegan Society Falls Further Down The Speciesist Rabbit Hole

At the end of last week, the Vegan Society in the UK announced the formation of a new group and partnership, taking them ever further...


Plug-and-play solar could be the next clean energy wave in the US

In addition to investing in energy efficient home appliances, perhaps we should also be thinking about energy-generating appliances.

Photo: Blizzard of snow geese fills the sky

Our photo of the day comes from the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.

Super agile bush baby robot jumps 4 feet; is cool and totally creepy (video)

UC Berkeley’s new robot is the most vertically agile robot ever built – why is it so unnerving?

Retro-modern Scottish tiny house is all about simple comforts

The light-filled interior of this well-insulated and cleverly designed tiny home imparts a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Zackees introduces winter cycling gloves with turn signals built right in

Now my fingers are warm and visible at the same time