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Hyena Myths Busted: Are They Really Hermaphrodites?

If ever an animal needed rebranding, it’s the hyena—a strong, smart animal that's often misunderstood.

Get Lost in the Dark Beauty of a Russian Salt Mine

Giant Squid Could Be Bigger Than a School Bus

In Bethlehem's Ancient Church, a Long Unseen Presence Appears

Week's Best Space Pictures: How Huge Black Holes Are Born

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How happy are we when we drink? (Yes, researchers have put a number on it)

How happy are we when we drink? (Yes, researchers have put a number on it) London School of Economics researchers surveyed 31,000 participants using the Mappiness app to rate their happiness at random times.

Lakomi the wolf loves her some belly rubs

Lakomi the wolf loves her some belly rubs A sanctuary wolf gets some much needed belly rubs, and she never wants them to end.

Physicists might have just discovered a fifth force of nature

Physicists might have just discovered a fifth force of nature An anomaly observed during an overlooked experiment might point to a mysterious fifth force that acts on dark matter.

Light your grill the natural way

Light your grill the natural way Quick-lighting briquettes may be handy, but natural lump charcoal is just as easy (and healthier.)

To rebuild coral reefs quickly, just add electricity

To rebuild coral reefs quickly, just add electricity Biorock reefs — sunken steel frames connected to a low-voltage current — are giving coral a second chance at surviving humanity.

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Climate change could wreck Yellowstone, Statue of Liberty, Galapagos Islands, other sites

Global warming isn’t just bad news for beach babes and polar bears: It could also be devastating for UNESCO World...

Fossil fuel darling Ted Cruz demands the feds stop investigating Exxon

He’s baaaack! Just a few weeks after Ted Cruz tucked his three-pronged tail between his legs and headed back to D.C., the Texas...

“Rattled” by Trump, G7 nations eager to move up timeline for the Paris climate deal

This week, leaders of the world’s wealthiest developed countries and the E.U., the G7, met in Japan, where they...

Believe it or not, some corals are doing just fine right now

Coral reefs aren’t exactly in a happy place right now — more like a terrifying brink, actually. Australia’s Great...

Brazil’s impeachment crisis is bad news for climate change

This is a guest post from André Guimarães, executive director of the Amazon Environmental Research Institute, and...


LAW: Trump's sister likes EPA better than he does

Environmentalists are mobilizing against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has suggested scrapping U.S. EPA and ridiculed...

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Appeals court rips BLM review of contested Ore. wind project

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Bureau of Land Management's review of a controversial wind power project in southeast Oregon...

OFFSHORE DRILLING: Pacific fracking poses no significant threat -- Obama admin

Hydraulic fracturing in the Pacific Ocean won't have a significant environmental impact, federal regulators announced today.

PUBLIC HEALTH: How a 19th-century cholera outbreak offers clues for Zika fight

Scientists are scrambling to understand how environmental factors drive the Zika virus' spread across Latin America and the Caribbean.

ENERGY POLICY: Bills would reform FERC, promote storage

Lawmakers yesterday introduced a trio of bills aimed at boosting public participation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,...


Hunting for ghost nets on Sylter Aussenriff

Not a lot of people know this, but the North Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the world to make a dive. On a perfect day, the...

INFOGRAPHIC: What you should know about the heart of the Amazon

The Tapajós River is one of the last free-flowing rivers in the entire Brazilian Amazon. But this river in the heart of the...

What my grandmother would say about President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima

World leaders are meeting in Japan for the G7, but on a side trip, President Obama is doing something no sitting US president has done...

Shell spills again: Pipeline leaks 20,000 gallons of oil in northern California

For the second time in two weeks, Shell has spilled thousands of gallons of oil, this time in California’s Central Valley.Less than...

We’re calling ‘lights out’ on Thai Union’s ocean destruction

Being in the middle of the Indian Ocean at night is incredible: you feel the vastness of the sea around you, the raw power of the waves,... - Green Gossip

Hampton Creek to expand from 64 to 600 products

They’re more than ‘Just Mayo.’ Grub Street reports that Hampton Creek wants to expand. The Just Mayo purveyors have...

World’s first 3-D gummy printer makes vegan candy

This feels like getting a golden ticket. The Chicago tribute just shared the news that Dylan’s in Chicago has the world’s...

Freakshakes are going vegan

Vegan can finally get their freakshake on. Metro reports that though a launch with Yelp, The Canvas Cafe in Shoreditch has announced the...

This TIME article says eating vegan is overkill (and it’s wrong)

Funny how the less violent choice is being called “overkill.” Time released an article today called “You Asked: Is a...

These vegan burgers are being sold in grocery store meat fridges

Vegan burgers are finally going to stop hiding in the health-food freezers of grocery stores. VegNews reports that Beyond Meat have...


Modern Danish cabin hides a warm and tasteful interior

This tiny home features a large, glazed wall and a comfortable interior with all the amenities.

Capsula Mundi aims to help you turn into a tree after you die

Not literally, but pretty darn close.

De-Dimension furniture magically folds flat to hang on the wall like art (Video)

These pre-assembled pieces of furniture can fold completely flat, and when needed, are opened up into three-dimensional functionality.

Photo: Pretty swallowtail visits a thistle

A view from the front highlights a butterfly's graceful lines.

Copenhagen's Kissing Bridge still can't kiss

In which the engineers learn that metal expands when heated, and instead of a kiss, it's a miss