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Earliest Human Cancer Found in 1.7-Million-Year-Old Bone

Antibiotic Found in Noses—Here’s What You Need to Know

Jupiter’s Red Spot Churns Out Air Hotter Than Lava

These Worms Are Like Feather Dusters With Eyes

Fan worms have everything from simple light detectors to complex compound eyes—but why?

Slimy Green Beaches May Be Florida's New Normal

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White dwarf discovered that blasts a strange ray beam at companion star

A very unusual light show can be witnessed in this binary star system 380 light years away.

Aging Danish lighthouse transformed into plus-sized kaleidoscope

The short-lived installation is a stunning send-off for a structure that will soon be swallowed by the sea.

World's deepest 'blue hole' discovered in South China Sea

Researchers learn that the underwater sinkhole Dragon Hole, a 426-foot-wide submerged sinkhole located in the Paracel Islands, plunges...

Battered mangroves find reprieve in Sri Lanka with new conservation plan

Vital to coastal ecosystems, 37,000 acres of mangrove forest will be protected.

Meet the 'sister clones' of Dolly the sheep

A new study examines the long-term health of Dolly's lesser-known siblings.

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Chernobyl site could become a solar farm

Chernobyl — site of the 1986 nuclear disaster that sent 10 tons of radioactive material flying and left the surrounding...

Which kind of cleaning cloths are the greenest?

Q. Dear Umbra, I use and reuse some rags. They are deteriorating and at the end of their useful lives. I have found out that they are...

Finally, the climate teardown of Trump you’ve been waiting for

PHILADELPHIA — Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention was dedicated to ripping apart the GOP nominee while extending...

Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump chat about the end of the world

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump appeared on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night to clarify his stance on...

In Maryland, one community is taking a stand against environmental racism

The toxic refuse of coal- and gas-fired power plants targets black communities with alarming precision. It can be difficult to discern...


SUPERFUND: A Philadelphia suburb's asbestos nightmare

AMBLER, Pa. -- The "White Mountains of Ambler" -- less than 20 miles from this week's Democratic National Convention -- are a reminder of...

CAMPAIGN 2016: Greens vow to put aside differences, go all-in for Clinton

PHILADELPHIA -- Hundreds of Democratic activists and politicians attended a reception hosted by several prominent environmental groups at...

CLIMATE: As subpoena deadline passes, lawmaker vows all-out Exxon probe

As a noon deadline slipped by today for environmental groups to respond to a subpoena from Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) regarding...

TECHNOLOGY: Venture capital 'broken' for clean energy -- analysis

The venture capital system is "broken" for clean energy technology, according to a new paper from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

NOTEBOOK: Bill Clinton courts coal; Hickenlooper dishes on veep vetting

PHILADELPHIA -- Former President Clinton promised coalfield voters last night that his wife will fight for their votes and keep them in...


The Soy Moratorium, 10 years on: How one commitment is stopping Amazon destruction

A decade ago, the expansion of soybeans posed an enormous risk to the Amazon rainforest. Today, this commitment proves zero deforestation...

Vaquita success! New protections could save this endangered porpoise

With only 60 animals remaining, the vaquita porpoise is on the brink of extinction. That's why 150,000 Greenpeace supporters have stood...

World’s only whaling factory ship returns to Japan from North Pacific

The world’s only whaling factory ship has returned to Japan after two months of commercial whaling in the North Pacific disguised...

From L'Oréal to Revlon, which brands are polluting the ocean with microbeads?

After discovering that 170 types of seafood contained traces of microplastics, Greenpeace East Asia decided to put 30 of the...

They murdered my mother for defending the environment — help me seek justice

It has been four months since the murder of environmental and Indigenous rights activist Berta Cáceres, and her killers have... - Green Gossip

Buzzfeed makes veganism look hard af

Buzzfeed wants to know if you can “make it through one day as a vegan,” as if our days are a bevy of confused...

A Message from Your Favourite Corporate Animal Charity

Parody Guest Post by Dr. Frances McCormack...

Scientists want us to believe cockroach milk is a good idea

In the ongoing pursuit of superfoods, some people think insect milk is going to trump plant-based. Science Alert shared a story on the...

Don’t quote ancient texts in modern veganism – you could be wrong

Guest Essay by Josef Bloomfield...

Stop calling vegan food “cruelty-free”

Guest Post by Dr. Frances McCormack...


The nightmare superfood of our dystopian future: Cockroach milk

Perhaps the classic Dr. Seuss book needs an update to something along the lines of "Would you? Could you? Eat cockroach milk?"

The best way to fix our cities is to make them walkable, says ARUP

It is the lowest carbon, least polluting, cheapest and most reliable form of transport.

Photo: Young peregrine displays its perfect form

What feats of derring-do will this juvenile falcon soon be capable of?

Houses can make nice with ice too, with the Ice Bear

This could be a great tool for reducing peak loads and storing solar power

Inkjet-printed photos double as solar cells

This new technique marries design and solar power.