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Famous Frog Toughie Dies, Sending Species to Extinction

The tree frog's loss warns of other extinctions, says the photographer who featured the animal in his Photo Ark project.

What ‘Star Trek’ May Have Right—and Wrong—About Alien Life

What Happens to Smuggled Animals After They’re Seized?

Our Part of the Milky Way Is Four Times Bigger Than We Thought

Radio astronomers announce a major new finding that changes how scientists view the structure of our home galaxy.

Preserving an Ancient 'Lost' City Has Consumed This Chemist's Life

Talal Akesheh has worked to save the archaeological ruins of Petra, Jordan, for more than 30 years.

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World's deepest underwater cave still has no bottom

Polish explorer Krzysztof Starnawski says the Hranice Abyss in the Czech Republic is 'at least' 1,325 feet deep.

Bumblebees can be optimistic, study finds

Even tiny insects can experience a 'positive emotion-like state.'

Viennese orchestra makes extraordinary music out of ordinary produce

The Vegetable Orchestra has been stunned crowds and serving soup for 17 years.

Should 'healthy' be a marketing label?

The FDA is re-evaluating what the term means when its used by food manufacturers, but maybe it shouldn't be used at all.

Elon Musk thinks we should all move to Mars

SpaceX's recent announcement has renewed enthusiasm for human visits to Mars.

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House Science Chair Lamar Smith defends Exxon by expanding his inquiry to the SEC.

The congressman accused the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday of unfairly targeting the oil giant by investigating...

Deepwater Horizon was terrifying, and we’re not just talking about the explosions.

We went to see the Hollywood treatment of the 2010 disaster that killed 11 people, spilled more than 200 million gallons of...

Pesticide sprayers have been hitting kids at recess.

California is finally moving forward on a delayed (it was supposed to be out by the end of 2015) rule to stop this sort of thing. The new...

Next time you make pasta, step back from the faucet.

That carbalicious mini farfalle cooks just fine in half or a third of the water most Americans use. If everyone cut back, according to...

China’s $450 billion farm plan could determine our fate

Four hundred and fifty billion dollars. That’s the amount of money Chinese officials recently announced they would invest to...


OREGON STANDOFF: The legal bulldog who might just free Bundy

PORTLAND, Ore. — One person has eclipsed even Ammon Bundy and the other defendants in the courtroom theatrics playing out over the...

CAMPAIGN 2016: Trump 'looking very hard' for farmer to lead EPA

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants a farmer or rancher to be his U.S. EPA administrator, according to the campaign's...

NATIONAL PARKS: Yosemite chief resigns in wake of harassment charges

The leader of Yosemite National Park submitted his resignation yesterday following charges that he created a hostile work environment for...

Q&A: Dorgan on eco-thrillers, DOE rumors, basketball in Rayburn

Since energy guru Byron Dorgan left the Senate five years ago, he's penned two action-packed eco-thriller novels.

WEATHER: NWS seeks to turn staff into communicators

Six days before torrential rain flooded Baton Rouge, La., the National Weather Service released a hazardous weather outlook.


How palm oil companies like IOI have set Indonesia on fire

This morning, while most of the Netherlands was still asleep, my colleague Nilus and I - along with dozens of Greenpeace activists -...

The 3 small letters destroying the rainforest

Last year, Indonesian forest fires shocked the world. Some called them ‘the worst environmental disaster of the 21st...

Brent Spar: The sea is not a dustbin

In August 2016, Prestel Books published Photos That Changed the World, including this image of the Greenpeace Brent Spar campaign,...

UN report highlights the challenges Indigenous People in Brazil face to protect their land

For Indigenous activists defending their traditional lands, Brazil is one of the most dangerous places in the world.Xavante indigenous...

Let's make it a green peace

Today (21 September), around the globe, we mark Peace Day knowing that for many, peace is nowhere to be found. Not today. And unless... - Green Gossip

Why are we still surprised when something amazing is vegan?

People share vegan recipes with me everyday. Whether it’s a cashew based cheese or a seitan brisket, chefs are getting more and...

Animal Death in Plant Production Is Not a Reason to Shun Veganism

Okay, here we go again. High Country News shared a piece called “Vegan food may not be as “vegan” as you think,”...

Vegans- we call our cheese “Gary” now

Vegans of the internet have responded to a troll in the most perfect way. Metro reports that following the release of Sainsbury’s...

S’milk campaign is S’obscene

Milk sold in 241 schools across Newfoundland and Labrador is being rebranded to hook the cool kids. CBC reports that The School Milk...

Animal hierarchy won’t end unless animal rights groups stop perpetuating it

We live in a society fraught with hierarchy. When it comes to the distinction between the animals we love and the animals we use,...


Put a tiny garden in your house with Wall Farm

Presenting YAUGU (yet another urban grow unit).

How to win free books for life

It's a reader's dream come true. A London bookshop has announced a competition that will award the winner with a lifetime of free...

The best explanation ever about why change in our cities is so slow

The White House issues a Housing Toolkit that is going nowhere, and here is why.

22-year-old lives dream life for Nat Geo WILD (photos)

Young photographer Bertie Gregory’s love of nature and contagious enthusiasm make him the perfect host for Nat Geo’s foray...

London to ban trucks with lousy driver visibility

It is a fixable design problem and unlike in North America, they are doing something about it.