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World wildlife 'falls by 58% in 40 years'

Global wildlife populations have fallen by 58% since 1970, according to a biodiversity report.

Nations push to protect Antarctica's 'last ocean'

Campaigners believe a long-standing proposal to establish a vast marine protected area (MPA) in the waters around Antarctica will be...

Italy earthquakes: Strong tremors shake central region

Two strong earthquakes hit central Italy, damaging buildings and sending people into the streets.

King's favourite fish to make comeback in River Severn project

A scheme that aims to re-establish one of King Henry III's favourite fish in the River Severn is given nearly £20m in funding.

Dish to listen for ET around strange star

A $100m initiative to listen for radio signals from aliens is targeting a star with an unusual dimming pattern.


‘Go Green’ Google News Search

Home and Garden calendar for Snohomish County and beyond

Go green: Northwest EcoBuilding Guild presents Green Building Slam and Northwest Green Conference: 5:30 to 11 p.m. Nov. 4 and 8 a.m. to 7...

Bars and pubs in Watford, Bushey and Rickmansworth to visit over the Halloween weekend ...

The pub will be taking part in Go Green For Halloween which will see schools, businesses and individuals going green in a bid to...

Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali with Green Diwali Quotes, Slogans, Posters Without Crackers

It's our responsibility to save our environment. Avoid all those harmful Deepavali patakas which cause health and environment hazards...

'Spooktacular' fun at Stretton pub after joining forces with charity 'fighting' to protect children

The pub, which is part of the Vintage Inns group, is taking part in 'go green for Halloween' and is welcoming families to join in...

Go Green! Dan Gilbert and Wife Dish Out Plenty Green for MSU

Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert and wife Jennifer Gilbert, both Michigan State University graduates, announced Wednesday a donation of...

‘Sustainable Living’ Google News Search

Green Entrepreneurs Need to Think Like Eco-Citizens

Eco-citizens seek particular personal outcomes through sustainable living. They require environments that focus on much less consumption,...

CloudQast provides video support for 2016 SuStAinable St Albans Week

Leadership communications specialist CloudQast is promoting '2016 SuStAinable St Albans Week'. It is doing so by producing a...