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Australia condemns killing of dolphins and seals by factory fishing trawler

Environment minister Greg Hunt says deaths of eight dolphins and four seals are ‘unacceptable and outrageous’ as ship returns...

Kofi Annan: ‘We must challenge climate-change sceptics who deny the facts’

The former secretary-general of the UN answers questions on climate change, the Paris summit set for later this year and how ordinary...

Jane Goodall: why I fear for the apes as climate change intensifies

The primatologist says change is happening too fast for evolutionary adaptation to save some species Continue reading...

Make way for the lynx and the bear as ‘rewilding’ projects gather pace across Britain

A host of projects, from the Highlands to the Fens, are rolling back man’s influence on the land Continue reading...

Environmental scientist Heidi Cullen on the role of oceans in climate change

The chief scientist for the non-profit environmental organisation, Climate Central, shares her main fears Continue reading...


4,000 years of British history in the shade of our 'oldest tree'

4,000 years of British history in the shade of our 'oldest tree' As villagers fear for the 4,000-year-old Ashbrittle yew, the story of the parish that grew up around it provides a fascinating microcosm...

Why there is more to shells than pretty sandcastle decorations

Why there is more to shells than pretty sandcastle decorations The marine biologist Helen Scales tells Sally Williams why she has made molluscs the stars of her new book

Animal pictures of the week: 1 May 2015

All creatures great and small in our ever popular animal gallery

Space cowboys: Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah, in pictures

In pics: The Mars Desert Research Hanksville, Utah

Confused seal pup found roaming the streets of San Francisco

A baby California Sea Lion called "Rubbish", who was previously rescued by a local marine centre, is found hiding under a car in San...

Animal pictures of the week: 1 May 2015

All creatures great and small in our ever popular animal gallery

Pictures of the day: 1 May 2015

A licking lion, a rooftopping selfie and a city made from coins

Pictures of the day: 30 April 2015

Today: A fishing kingfisher, royal ping pong and the Clandon Park fire

Pictures of the day: 29 April 2015

Royals made from lego, a skateboarding dog and a backflipping motorcyclist

Pictures of the day: 28 April 2015

Baby ring tailed lemurs, a tortoise on wheels and an inflatable Stonehenge


Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Jack in the Green

* If you're wandering around the northern part of Bristol at 4pm today and you see a large bush making its way unaided on to Horfield...

Outlander novelist Diana Gabaldon in battle to prevent 'industrial-scale' windfarm being built where travel series is set

In the historical time travel series Outlander, heroine Claire Randall is transported to Scotland during the bloody Jacobite uprisings of...

Exceptionally warm annual temperatures have become 13 times more likely in England

England is set to experience a significant increase in the number of record-breaking warm years due to the influence of greenhouse gas...

General Election 2015: Your questions on the environment answered

Is the badger cull working – and would you seek to roll it out further or end it if you form the next government?

Climate change 'could make one in six species extinct by end of the century'

One in six species could face extinction by the end of the century as a direct result of increasing global temperatures, an analysis of...


Wildlife drop 'may empty landscape'

About 60% of the world's largest herbivores are at risk of extinction, according to research by an international team.

Why some quakes are worse than others

Why is it that two apparently similar earthquakes can have such different outcomes in terms of the number of people killed and the damage...

Step forward for quantum computing

Scientists have made progress towards correcting the errors that are expected to arise in quantum computing.

Song heralds new bird's arrival

The distinctive song of a secretive and elusive bird in central China helps researchers to describe it as a new species to science.

Climate change risk 'to many species'

One in six species on the planet could face extinction due to the effects of climate change if nothing is done to reduce emissions,...


‘Go Green’ Google News Search

Point Reyes Station electricity firm, Tomales district among 'green business' honorees

The district saluted Marin's green business program “for helping with this endeavor and acknowledging the district's effort...

Westport Electric Car Rally ready to roll Sunday

Organizers estimate it will take about two hours to drive the course, which will conclude at the Wilton Go Green Festival, where there...

Thane residents launch signature campaign to save over 1200 trees

Kasber Augustine, president, Maharashtra Go Green foundation said the campaign is targeting 50,000 signatures, of which 20,000 have...

Liverpool 2-1 QPR: Gerrard makes up for missed penalty with late winner for Reds

Gerrard was the next to have a go, Green saving well from the Liverpool skipper's 20 yard free kick. QPR were gifted one more chance...

Cotswolds election 2015: Green Party candidate sets out his vision for the district

Reporter Jack Pitts went to meet Green Party candidate Robert Elliott in his flourishing garden to talk about why the Cotswolds should go...

‘Sustainable Living’ Google News Search

Sustainability in store

RESPONSIBLE citizens are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of sustainable living. The freshly opened EchoStore in...