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Meteorologists are seeing global warming's effect on the weather | Paul Douglas

Weather is becoming more extreme, and meteorologists are taking noticeWhatever happened to normal weather? Earth has always experienced...

Swaziland acting as 'puppet' to South Africa in bid to legalise rhino horn trade

Top conservationists criticise the proposal – announced just days after neighbouring South Africa dropped its bid for legal trade...

Hunt plays the long game on his glaringly obvious emissions trading scheme | Lenore Taylor

Minister keeps up attack on Labor’s ‘carbon tax’ to placate Coalition climate change sceptics, all the while ensuring...

Few Britons have ever heard of ocean acidification

A new poll finds that only 20% of Britons have heard of ocean acidification – and even fewer know anything about it. If...

Across the Philippines, Gawad Kalinga provides shelter from the storms | Emma Howard

Founder Tony Maloto may hold some controversial views, but GK’s 2,000 communities are helping alleviate poverty in a country in...




Australia removed from UN climate report

All references to climate change's impact on World Heritage sites in Australia are removed from a UN report after a government request.

Flexi-space room expansion suspended

A halt is called to the deployment of a new, expandable "room" on the International Space Station when it fails to open up as expected.

Solar Impulse lands in Pennsylvania

The sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has landed in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, after a near-17-hour flight.

Neanderthal stone structures discovered

Researchers investigating a cave in France have identified mysterious stone rings that were probably built by Neanderthals.

HS2 'over-priced' say transport experts

HS2 is an over-priced, gold-plated project and will fail in many of its objectives a group of transport experts warns.


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Celebs love big pants in summers and like any sensible person, you should too

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan makes us go green in her Payal Khandwala outing. Picture courtesy: Instagram/@aasthasharma612. Prachi Desai If you...

Fans urged to 'Go Green for Connacht' in maiden final

24 May 2016; Ultan Dilate, left, and Rodney Ah You of Connacht during 1 24 May 2016; Ultan Dilate, left, and Rodney Ah You of Connacht...

Go green at Brown House

In an effort to continue restoration on Stayton's historic Brown House, the Santiam Heritage Foundation will be hosting its first...

Go green: what buyers want from a garden now

The Priory, a six-bedroom Queen Anne manor house of Tudor origins in Odiham, Hampshire, has 4.7 acres of formal gardens. It is for sale...

Potential solar projects voted down by town council in split decision

Sandy Koroll echoed those same concerns, while acknowledging the town's desire to go green. “It's a tough one because we...

‘Sustainable Living’ Google News Search

Kathryn McKenzie, Living Green: Return of the Natives honored in Washington

Do you have questions or tips about sustainable living around the Central Coast? Send them to Kathryn McKenzie at

HARC begins work on new Woodlands campus

... techniques, sustainable development and other technological advances that tie into HARC's and The Woodlands' mission of...

Central Green Breaks Ground on New Development

“We're excited to transform this key location into the new hub of Kelowna, and bring to life the vision of sustainable living...

Grickle Grass keeps its musical mandate alive

... packs hundreds of people into the London Children's Museum to not only enjoy the local arts scene, but also share a message of...