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Joanne Hay Joanne Hay

Quick Stats

Full Name: Joanne Hay
Year Born: 1973
Birthplace: Australia
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Interests & Hobbies: health, yoga, love.
Mission: To empower a further 1% of the population to own their own farm and eat from their own land
Interesting fact: $60 out of ever $100 spent at a Supermarket is the cost of it's transport. Go Local.
Official Website:
Occupation: entrepreneur and Super Hero (like all of us)
Awards: Best Mum in the Whole World (from my kids) does that count?
Disciplines: Yeah, do yoga, eat only food where I know it comes from, forgive myself, be grateful, love my family.

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Joanne @ Organic Farm Share

About Me

Home schooling mother of three. Worked in Natural Health for many years. Became interested in Food security and now work for Organic Farm Share. It's not about me. It's about the movement.

Educational Background

It never stops.

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