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Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Country: Australia


Nature Conservation Council of NSW has been the state's peak environmental organisation since 1955, the Nature Conservation Council of NSW works closely with member groups, local communities, government and business to ensure a positive future for our environment. We facilitate large-scale awareness and education campaigns, in addition to producing original research and publications. People have become actively involved in campaign, programs, workshops, and/ or events focused on reversing the effects of climate change for over 50 years.

Focus of Activities

Nature Conservation Council of NSW has three main broad areas of focus:

1.       Campaigning: our work with the community has helped create new national parks and marine parks, assisted households become more water and energy efficient, saving urban bushland, and making NSW more sustainable.

2.     Advice: our reputation as a democratic, representative organization allows us to have input into legislation and government decisions on behalf of our member groups and the environment.

3.     Education: our environmental education program builds on the skills and capacities of community environment groups.

Notable Achievements

Nature Conservation Council of NSW has begun numerous campaigns to reduce the effects on climate change. There are so many places to start that many groups become overwhelmed, but not this one! They are tackling the following right now: biodiversity, bushfire, climate change, climate challenge, coastal & urban sustainability, education, hotspots fire project, marine & fisheries, nsw climate summit, rivers, state parliament, save our last sharks and environmental leaders fellowships program.

Readers are offered the option to adopt "Fluffy" through a contribution of buying a coffee cup, t-shirt or other reminder that they now are helping to support a shark!

Celebrity Supporters

Nature Conservation Council of NSW has pages of member groups and team players who have been a part of the efforts they are making to reverse the effects of climate change, but they all appear to be grass-roots efforts. No doubt there are some very well known people who have quietly been masterminds at donating quietly, but they have been very cleaver, because there is no public show of donations from celebrities.

Governance & Financial

Nature Conservation Council of NSW is a non-profit, non-government organization representing 120 community environment groups across NSW. A quick look at the annual report (several years are available for easy access online) shows that right at a million dollars is being invested in our planet every year by this conservation council. In addition to memberships, donations and corporate sponsorships there are several investment incomes to assist this group is making the world a better place.

Regions / countries which benefit

Nature Conservation Council of NSW has about 120 member organizations throughout Australia therefore numerous ecological and conservation programs have been established to benefit through this council. The entire world benefits from the valuable Nature Conservation Council of NSW research that is going on to protect and preserve the planet from climate changes.

How to donate

Nature Conservation Council of NSW has made it very easy to help them save the planet. The website lists the following ways to donate: online, by Fax or mail, directly to the Marine Campaign, through corporate sponsorship, by phone, directly to the Climate Campaign or make a bequest. There are also several t-shits to buy that help fund the efforts. Right on the same page as the suggested means to help is a total explanation of where the money goes.

Submitted by Eco Living Guru on May 9, 2009