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Quick Stats

Official Name: Queensland Conservation Council
Year Founded: 1969
Chief Executive: Toby Hutcheon
Chairman: Samantha Morris
Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia
Staff: 4.5
Mission: Queensland’s leading voice for environmental protection. We’re plugged in to what conservationists want and how government works. We’re fiercely independent and totally focussed on protecting, conserving and sustaining the nature of Queensland.
Slogan: Protect, Conserve, Sustain
Language Spoken: English
Interesting fact: In 1969, issues included; establishment of Cooloola National Park, protecting the Great Barrier Reef & Double Is Point
Founders: Eddie Hegerl (Chair), Eileen Beswick (Sect) + 17 Organisations
# Countries Active: Australia
Official Website:
Phone: +61 (0) 7 3221 0188
Fax: +61 (0) 7 3229 7992
Address: 166 Ann Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
Areas of Focus: Water, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Development, Population, Inland Water Ecosystems, Conservation, Community Development, Climate Change
Organisation Type: Non-profit corporation, Network / Collective / Coalition / Council / Peak Body

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Queensland Conservation Council (QCC)

Country: Australia
State: Queensland

About Us

About Queensland Conservation Council

In 1969 a small group of people got together to share ideas. They were bushwalkers, divers, nature lovers and geologists who shared a growing concern that the things which made Queensland unique were being lost.

More than forty years later the group they founded is Queensland’s leading voice for environmental protection. We’re plugged in to what conservationists want and how government works. We’re fiercely independent and totally focussed on protecting, conserving and sustaining the nature of Queensland.

What we do

We consult with our member groups. We talk to business, government and communities. We apply the latest scientific research to develop policies which we use to convince government to take action. We hold meetings and summits to bring together experts and get people talking. We monitor progress and we rate the performance of governments and their programs. 

Queensland Conservation is...

  • The state's peak non-government environment group. We have been working to protect, conserve and sustain Queensland's environment for more than forty years.
  • Queensland's leading advocate for environmental protection and sustainability.
  • A network of member groups working across the spectrum of environment issues from the far north to the south east corner.
  • Here to help your voice be heard where it matters most: government industry and the community.


 QCC has a rich history. It started life as the South Queensland Conservation Council with 12 member groups, and grew rapidly - by 1975 it served 66 organisations and had over 300 members. It worked on many of the key campaigns throughout the past forty years, including:

  • Protecting the Conondale Ranges and Fraser Island
  • Campaigning against uranium mining at Ranger and Ben Lomond.
  • Moreton Island, Cape York and Cooloola National Parks
  • Conserving the Daintree area and Great Barrier Reef

Focus of Activities

QCC's focus is on climate, water and biodiversity. It runs several campaigns outlined under the following areas, some of which are detailed further below:

  • Climate Change
  • Save Water
  • Nature Conservation
  • State Issues
  • Grow Local
  • Coral Sea Heritage Park

QCC also manages an extensive library within its Brisbane office.

Climate Change

QCC is all too conscious that an increase in sea temperatures of more than just 2 degrees could spell the end of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. QCC is opposed to clean coal or nuclear solutions and calls for targeted reductions in emissions of 50% by 2020 on 1990 levels, and a climate neutral Queensland by 2050. The Council also calls for a 25% renewable energy target by 2020.

Like many other environmental groups, the Queensland Conservation Council is currently lobbying Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in opposing the recent amendments to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. A statement can be signed online. QCC provides lobbying suggestions for the public as well as go green tips for householders to reduce their carbon footprint.

Coral Sea Heritage Park

The organisation also provides information on its website to dispel myths about the establishment of the Coral Sea Heritage Park, responding to public concerns regarding recreational fishing and tourism.

Seagrass-Watch is a community based program that monitors the habitat of Moreton Bay Marine Park, and trains volunteers to participate in the project. The Council also made recommendations in the wake of the recent oil spill in Moreton Bay.

Another ongoing venture is the Rivers Project which provides representation on consultation panels and submissions on issues of state water reform. QCC also raises public awareness of water management issues and publishes a quarterly newsletter, Rivers Alive.

Save Water

Instead of the government's planned infrastructure boost through a water recycling scheme, the building of new dams and a desalination system, QCC calls for a sustainable solution to the state's water management problems by focusing on a demand management approach. Along these lines, rainwater tanks and water efficient fixtures would be mandatory, with a focus on behaviour change and set limits on water consumption. Implementing large-scale water recycling systems and desalination plants would be the last resort options for solving water supply problems.

The Council has an extensive website with plenty of go-green information for consumers with tips on how to save water and live in an eco-friendly way.

Notable Achievements

With the help of QCC, the land area of National Parks in Queensland has increased dramatically in size over the past forty years. Having the Great Barrier Reef declared a marine park was a significant achievement. Through its years of campaign work QCC helped put conservations issues on the political spectrum and instil in the public an awareness of the importance of environmental protection. QCC helped in the long fight against sand mining on Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Islands, and lobbied for the establishment of an Environmental Protection Authority. During the past decade QCC has opposed fish farms in Moreton Bay and helped to phase out broad scale land clearing.

Governance & Financial

QCC is a non-profit organisation which gets funding from government grants, donations and membership fees.

Regions / countries which benefit

The state of Queensland, Australia.

How to donate

QCC welcomes the assistance of volunteers at its Brisbane offices. A volunteer registration form is available at their website.

Donations are also welcome, please visit the QCC Website and donate!

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