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The Nature Conservancy

Country: United States


The Nature Conservancy Environmental History:

The Nature Conservancy was established in 1951 to deal with environmental and conservation threats in respect to marine type eco systems, invasive type species, forests, fresh water supplies, fires and climate change. With the assistance and support from more than one million people, it expanded its operations to 50 US states and over thirty countries worldwide, protecting coral reefs to grasslands. The Nature Conservancy go green and environmental campaigns have protected over one hundred and nineteen million acres (land) and five thousand miles of worldwide rivers. Since its establishment, the Nature Conservancy has been operating over one hundred marine type conservation campaigns.


Focus of Activities

The Nature Conservancy - Go Green Activity Focus:

The Nature Conservancy - Environmental Mission

The Nature Conservancy aims to be successful in its conservation and go green campaigns by meeting all challenges, using scientific approaches, pursuing pragmatic/non-violent conservation and green solutions, and partnering with individuals, non-profits, multilateral organisations/institutions, governments, businesses and local communities.

Current and Future Environmental Nature Conservancy Campaigns

  • Reducing global warming emissions to workable levels for nature, the forests and planet
  • Creating strategies to link marine and land conservation for coastal areas and world oceans
  • Using conservation and policy resources to protect worldwide freshwater for nature and communities
  • Creating worldwide animal/plant habitats and parks protection areas/better management solutions
  • Creating green environmental solutions for areas from the Zambezi River to Namib Desert in Africa
  • Preserving landscapes from arid lands to coral reefs in the Asia Pacific regions
  • Protecting land eco systems and wildlife seascapes in the Caribbean
  • Preserving critical eco systems and habitats for land and sea plants and wildlife in Central America
  • Protecting waters and lands across North America for plants, wildlife and communities
  • Using conservation techniques for the preservation of vital eco systems/habitats in the wetlands of South America from the Galapagos Islands to Patagonia
  • Protecting against coral reef threats such as climate change and overfishing
  • Creating sustainable and innovative management conservation and green solutions for worldwide forests to benefit people and nature
  • Devising sustainable environmental and green solutions to protect worldwide freshwater type resources through partnerships and science
  • Devising sustainable environmental and green solutions to protect the world's greatest river eco systems for plants/wildlife and people, including the Paraguay-Paraná, Yangtze, Zambezi and Mississippi rivers
  • Working with island countries through marine and green conservation to protect eco systems and wildlife/plant species against varied threats, including climate change
  • Finding conservation and green solutions to protect marine wildlife/plants/eco systems against the degradation of the oceans
  • Finding green and environmental preservation solutions for worldwide rainforests through the conservation work of aboriginal and local communities

The Nature Conservancy - Green Funds' Allocation

The Nature Conservancy environmental/conservation/green revenues are balanced between fundraising and programs and support services.

Notable Achievements

The Nature Conservancy - Notable Environmental Achievements:

  • 2004 Lake Superior Magazine winner for improving the lake's well-being for the benefit of local communities and the environment

Celebrity Supporters

The Nature Conservancy Green Celebrity Supporters:

Isaac Mizrahi


Governance & Financial

The Nature Conservancy Environmental Governance/Structure/Size:

The Nature Conservancy is an international, environmental, conservation, non-profit organization that has numerous supporters and volunteers worldwide, including 700 scientists and millions of others. The Nature Conservancy environmental offices are located in all mainland states of the United States, Alaska, Argentina, Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Manaus, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico, Micronesia, Nicaragua, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Solomon Islands and the Virgin Islands. Their head office is located in Arlington, Virginia, US.


Regions / countries which benefit

Regions Benefitted By The Nature Conservancy Environmental Actions:

All worldwide regions


How to donate

The Nature Conservancy - Making Green Donations:

The Nature Conservancy accepts environmental/conservation/green donations from individuals, businesses, governments and other organisations. The Nature Conservancy accepts donations/memberships/gifts/employer matching gift programs/tribute gifts/green conservation legacies/ paid weekly, monthly or one time only. Donations to The Nature Conservancy and memberships can be made: by mail to The Nature Conservancy, Attn: Treasury, 4245 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22203, USA; via phone at 800-628-6860 (toll free); and online at


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