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Sugar Body Scrub 2
Beauty & Wellness

4 All Natural, Homemade Sugar and Salt Body Scrubs

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Here is a list of easy to make, all natural sugar body scrubs! They're a lot of fun to create, experiment on, and (of course) use. You might consider using fair trade sugar and cof Read More
Eco-Friendly Deodorant
Beauty & Wellness

The Dangers of Deodorants: How You Can Be Eco-Friendly and Still Smell Good

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Deodorants make people feel safe that they do not emit awful body odors and/or sweat excessively. Although this can protect them, it is found out that deodorants pose a great thre Read More
Avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals and make a great hair mask.
Beauty & Wellness

Get a Green Beauty Routine

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Green beauty products save you from harmful chemicals present in most commerical skin and hair products. To started on an eco-friendly beauty routine here are ten tips. Read More
Beauty & Wellness

Organic Tampons and Pads – Having an Environmentally Friendly Period

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Organic pads and tampons are a must-buy for women who are concerned about their health and the environment. Dioxins and synthetic fibres are just two of the health concerns with t Read More
Beauty & Wellness

Green Shaving – Making Your Shave Organic

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Switching your shaving cream and the way you shave can have a huge impact on the environment, especially if you can convince your buddies to do the same! Read More
Sketch of the Underarm
Beauty & Wellness

Natural Deodorant – Banishing BO the Green Way

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Most natural and organic deodorants that are on the market mask body odour only, and are not antiperspirants. It is impossible to make an antiperspirant from all natural ingredien Read More
Green Women’s Lipstick
Beauty & Wellness

Three Tips to Go Green with Women’s Lipstick

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Women all over the world consume a lot of tubes of lipstick yearly. Actresses, models, career women, teachers, professors and even moms wear lipsticks of different shades and textu Read More
Eco-Friendly Nail Care
Beauty & Wellness

Avoid Harmful Nail Polish: Three Tips To Make Eco-Friendly Your Nail Care

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Manicured and well-polished nails definitely look great. Looking beautiful has its price. Although people like looking at manicured nails, it can cost people more than they have ho Read More
Eat an apple after a meal to remove stains
Beauty & Wellness

Brighten Your Smile, Naturally

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By using this effortless recipe you can whiten your teeth without nonessential or extraneous chemicals. Also, most teeth whitening kits that can be found at the store are not vegan Read More
Beauty & Wellness

Organic Shampoo and Haircare for a Greener You

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It is possible to buy shampoo and conditioner that aren’t made with harsh chemicals and don’t cost a fortune in the bargain. Most of us use shampoos and conditioners with petr Read More
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