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Building & Renovation

How To Install A Composting Toilet

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A generic guide which gives you an idea of what you need to do to install a standard, single-family sized composting toilet unit. Read More
Straw Bale Construction
Building & Renovation

Straw Bale Homes And Construction – Green Building To the Max

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Straw Bale construction uses primarily natural materials, such as hay and straw, to build and insulate a home. Insulation value is high in these homes, and as a result they are wa Read More
Braden Eco-House
Building & Renovation

The Braden Everyman Eco-House - Part 1 - Construction

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Super Greening Your House from the Ground Up – History and Construction Read More
Compost Toilet
Building & Renovation

Save The Environment With a Compost Toilet

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Want to know exactly how composting toilets help the environment? Here are a list of reasons to buy one. Read More
Swimming Pool
Building & Renovation

Constructing a More Natural Swimming Pool

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Everyone has at one point in their life dreamed of owning a swimming pool. A question that pool dealers have heard more and more frequently from potential clients is how to make c Read More
Braden Solar Array
Building & Renovation

The Braden Everyman Eco-House Part 3 – The Solar Power System

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Solar power is the major factor in the energy mix at Braden's eco-house. A small wind turbine acts as backup for winter months, making the Braden eco-house truly off-the-grid. Read More
Walmart Building
Building & Renovation

Walmart Building in a Civil War Battlefield

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One definition of sprawl: Destroying a bit of American history, for cheap food and clothing.Read More
The new Bosch 32C gas hot water system is the most sustainable water heating choice for large homes and commercial projects, and is the only one of its kind in Australia.
Building & Renovation

Bosch unveils innovation in sustainable water heating

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Increasing energy costs and environmental responsibilities have driven a surge in demand for efficient water heating systems. ‘Condensing technology’ represents the most up-to- Read More
Building & Renovation

The Green Facts on Bamboo Floors

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Bamboo floors are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly flooring option, particularly in newer homes. With a bit of research, you can make sure that your new bamboo flo Read More
Building & Renovation

Eco-Friendly Flooring Guide

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A guide to eco-friendly flooring for your home. Read More
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