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Invite sunlight into your office.

Reduce Your Office Energy Consumption

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Reducing your office's energy consumption is crucial to creating a more sustainable society. Here are ten tips to help your office stop sucking up electricity. Read More
Seek green alternatives to traffic jams!

Eco-friendly Commuting

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Changing a few simple routines in your daily commute can turn you from a gas hog into a green commuter. Here are some tips to help get you started. Read More
Buy credits to offset your carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Travel

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Green corporate travel is the wave of the future, but are you stuck in the past? Get out of your rut and set and example by following these top ten tips for eco-friendly business t Read More
Accessing a file on a computer is far easier than digging through a stack of paper.

Sustainable Paper Practices in the Office

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Unfortunately we don't have paperless offices yet, but you can help the environment by committing to green paper practices. Here are the top ten tips to tell you how. Read More

New Brand name Restaurant Equipment Does Make a Difference

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If you are contemplating a restaurant venture and have finalized the location and the type of cuisine you will serve, restaurant equipment is your next whistle stop. This article s Read More
Good Concepts Logo

Good Concepts

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Good Concepts, a wholly owned Australian company, has been established to sell sustainable, world and environmentally friendly products in Brisbane, Australia. As one of Brisbaneā€ Read More
Eco Warrior

Eco Warrior

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Read More

Going Green with Restaurant Equipment

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Responding to the need of the hour, many restaurant equipment manufacturers have brought to market green restaurant equipment that is environment-friendly and conserves valuable re Read More
Solar camping Light with cell phone charger

Solar Power Lantern Light with multi-function

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Solar Power Lantern Light Application: Home lighting / camping / yurt / tent / driver driving / Farm and other outdoor and indoor lighting. Is a must-lighting at nightRead More
Eco-Friendly Energy

Four Tips To Make Your Business Office Eco-Friendly

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If you really think about it, you will realize that each person spends more time at work than they do at home. Every aspect of life related to work uses energy; starting from that Read More
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