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Offset your smaller electronic goods as a combo package

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Offset your Laptop, ipod, mobile phones and ADSL Modem as one package. Read More

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Recycle Paper!

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Few people realize how much paper they use each day. That paper adds up and means that we either recycle it or cut down more trees. Recycling paper can reduce your carbon footpri Read More
Eco-Friendly Carbon Offset

10 Tips on Using Carbon Offset

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Everyone you turn, whether it be the radio, television or paper, you hear about the impending disaster that comes with global warming. Like many people, you may be skeptical about Read More
Carbon Footprint Go Green

Carbon Footprints 101: What is it and how to Reduce Yours

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Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced as a direct result of the ways that you live your life. Reducing our individual carbon footprints is the r Read More
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