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Stranded Polar Bears - Losing thier Habitat
Climate Change

Why Climate Change Should be the Last Thing we Talk About!

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What do you think would happen to our emissions if we stopped deforestation, reduced our wasteful consumption, fixed smog, focused on less pollutive, renewable energy and developed Read More
Youth Decide Concert crowd!
Climate Change

4,500 people raise their voice for action at the Youth Decide Concert!

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Last night Federation Square was swamped with over 4,500 people for the Youth Decide Concert! Read More
Clean Up the World 2009
Climate Change

Youth & climate change – the future in safe hands

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I was one of those fortunate kids who spent much of my youth in the outdoors – sailing, exploring the bush, swimming with my mates. It’s what made my childhood so memorable. Wh Read More
Walk Against Warming Brisbane, 2010
Climate Change

Walk against warming calls for REAL climate change election!

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Thousands of QUEENSLANDERS are now organizing to take to the streets on the last Sunday before the election, August 15th, to call for action on climate change echoing a call from b Read More
Climate Change

NGERs Worshop

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carbon-counters invites you to attend an Australian Sustainable Business Group's NGERs workshop - 1 Sep in SYDNEY, 11 Sep Read More
Where are the canopies?
Climate Change

It’s time to act on environment!!!

2,104 Views 2 Comments
Imagine what happens when a few hundred thousands migrate to another place and compare that with what will happen when millions of people will be homeless around the world! We nee Read More
Join as at Fed Square 5pm today!
Climate Change

Over 14,000 votes cast as part of Youth Decide in just 48 hours!

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In just the first two days of voting we’ve had over 14,000 votes cast!! There are still 5 days to go - can you help us spread the message even further? Imagine the numbers if eac Read More
Climate Change

Climate change – the challenge

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In addition to the international agreement we entreat our political leaders to negotiate, we need to band together as a global community to take real and local action starting righ Read More
Climate Change

Unplug for Climate Change

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This article shares yet another very simple thing you can do to reduce your carbon emissions. It sounds so simple and it is! Read this article to find out what it is. Read More
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