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Vegan leather & burlap sneakers from Brazilian fair-trade : TAYGRA
Clothing and Fashion

Eco-friendly nice sneakers from Brazil

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Fair-trade, eco-responsible brandmark, reforestation, vegan product, vegetable leather from rubber trees... TAYGRA is handmade & very trendy. Confortable, ultra-light & flexible, Read More
Clothing and Fashion

Timberland Boots won’t walk all over the environment

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Green issues are now high on international political agendas but in many ways retailers have been slow to keep pace. Read More
Eco-Friendly Clothing Concerns
Clothing and Fashion

Eco-Friendly Clothing Concerns

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Let’s face it, we all have to wear eco-friendly Clothes and the manufacture, care and disposal of that clothing is bound to have some environmental impact. But just because clot Read More
Clothing and Fashion

Eco-Friendly Clothing Is Hip

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Are you looking for eco-friendly clothing but fear you will look like a hippie left behind after Woodstock was all over and done with? If so, don't worry. Today eco-friendly clothi Read More
Eco-Friendly Sweater
Clothing and Fashion

Four Tips To Make Your Winter Sweater An Eco-Friendly Sweater

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Sweaters keep people warm during a cold and windy day. This is a basic necessity for winter season. People living in the colder region often cannot live without this particular clo Read More
Tree Hugger
Clothing and Fashion

Raise Awareness with an Green T-Shirt

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Selection of Environmental T-Shirts to help you raise awareness that climate change is a serious threat to the environment and to the world. Do your part to prevent global warming Read More
Enviromentaly Baby Clothes
Clothing and Fashion


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There are so many choices when it comes to dressing your new baby – onesies or tees? Jeans or sweats? Dresses or skirts? Read More
Green Baby Basics
Clothing and Fashion

Eco-Babies: Green Baby Basics

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As any new parent knows, it’s amazing the amount of STUFF you acquire when a baby is on the way! Read More
Green Dry-Cleaning
Clothing and Fashion

How Green Your Dry-Cleaning?

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Not very. Dry-cleaning is neither “dry”, “clean” or “green” when it comes right down to it. Read More
Eco-Friendly Clothes
Clothing and Fashion

Keep Your Baby Cute Without the Chemicals: Buy Organic-Made Clothing Instead

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Wrap your child up in something more than just a warm outfit; wrap your child up in eco-friendly clothes made specifically to decrease irritations to your child as well as the envi Read More
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