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Majestic Polar Bear
Endangered Species

Polar Bear: Fight for Habitat

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Global warming is affecting all the animals of the world and the polar bear’s habitat is disappearing at a frightening rate. This beloved cultural icon will not have time to evo Read More
Faroe Stamp Blue Whale - Postverk Føroya - Philatelic Office
Endangered Species

The Blue Whale

38,620 Views 0 Comments
The blue whale is the largest mammal on the planet and on the endangered species list. Due to its great size, it was hunted to the point of extinction during the height of the wha Read More
Close up of a Loggerhead Turtle
Endangered Species

The Loggerhead Turtle

23,624 Views 0 Comments
The Loggerhead Turtle is a marine wonder that can live up to 190 years or more, and has suffered greatly due to human predation and pollution. Currently the Loggerhead resides on t Read More
Amur Leopard
Endangered Species

Amur Leopard: Almost Extinct

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With a total population of 30-35 individuals, the Amur leopard, or Far Eastern leopard, is one of the most - if not the most - endangered large cats on earth. Read More
The fierce and beautiful Siberian Tiger
Endangered Species

Siberian Tigers: Fierce Beauty Endangered

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The Siberian Tiger is one of the largest and most beautiful wild cats in the world, yet with increased poaching and shrinking territory they may be facing abrupt extinction. Read More
Red Panda
Endangered Species

Red Panda (Lesser Panda; Firefox)

13,509 Views 0 Comments
The Red Panda, or “firefox,” is often referred to as the “lesser panda” in deference to the better-known giant panda. Few people outside its native habitat have even heard Read More
A male Mountain Gorilla: known as a silverback
Endangered Species

Mountain Gorilla: On the Brink

12,353 Views 0 Comments
The fate of the Mountain Gorilla, an extremely intelligent and social animal who has fascinated many, teeters on a kife point. Unless much is done to stop the poaching and deforest Read More
Giant Panda at Washington DC Zoo
Endangered Species

Giant Pandas: A Delicate Balance

12,050 Views 0 Comments
The Giant Panda is stuggling in the wild, and the captive population does not breed enough to sustain itself. How can humans help this gentle giant to survive? Read More
The Tasmanian Devil can be a ferocious critter!
Endangered Species

Tasmanian Devils: One of the Last Carnivorous Marsupials

11,487 Views 0 Comments
The ferocious Tasmanian Devil, which inspried the cartoon character Taz, is now edging dangerously towards extinction due to human interferance and a decimating disease. Read More
Christmas Island Shrew
Endangered Species

The Christmas Island Shrew

6,690 Views 0 Comments
Arguably the most mysterious of extinct Australian animals, two sightings from 20 years ago give hope that the Christmas Island shrew might still exist. Studies are being performed Read More
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