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Save Electricity by Using Alternative, Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources

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Saving the environment is not as easy task, but if we work at it together it can be done. Helping save electricity by using alternative energy sources can not only save you money, Read More
Solar Power - Energy Generation in a Flower Field

Solar Power

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The greatest natural source of energy on our planet comes from the sun. In just one hour the sun beams down more energy than the whole planet used in the year 2002. Solar power com Read More

Ethanol from Citrus Waste

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Florida Company to Build Plant to Convert Citrus Waste to Ethanol. Florida does not have enough corn to make Ethanol, but it does have citrus waste. Using USDA developed technology Read More
Time for Renewable Energy

Palm oil imports linked to rainforest destruction

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Palm oil imports linked to rainforest destruction. Concern that Australia is contributing directly to the widespread destruction of tropical rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia b Read More
Al Gore, Founder of The Alliance for Climate Protection

Energy Independence in Ten Years: Can We Live Al Gore's Dream?

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Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore is calling for energy independence within ten years, but do we have what it takes to live the dream? Read More

Solar Power Produces Hydrogen Fuel

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Excess Solar Energy Can Be Stored for Use in Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Solar energy can only be used when the sun shines. A new technique is being developed to store excess solar energy Read More

Storing Wind Power for Electricity

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Storing Wind Power for Electricity. Wind Powered Electricity When the Wind Doesn’t Blow. The variability of wind speed causes problems for power production from wind farms. A way Read More
Renewable Energy - Green Power

Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is energy that is generated from sources that are infinite and always regenerating, such as solar, wave, hydroelectric, wind, and geothermal power. In contrast, po Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

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Buying eco-friendly light bulbs can be a challenge with so many choices now available. Many consumers are still unsure what casts the most flattering light and what equates to the Read More

Algae as a Source for Biofuels

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Scientists are working on a variety of techniques to develop renewable fuels from algae. They are trying to avoid the use of food crops to produce energy. Read More
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