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Go Green with Home Wind Power

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Most electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants. These plants belch mercury and global warming greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the air. You can go green b Read More
wind turbine

Renewable Energy 101

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Renewable Energy Read More

Fossil Fuels

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Fossil fuels are the result of millions of years of heat and pressure in the Earth’s crust being exerted on fossilized remains of dead plants and animals. The production of these Read More
Renewable Energy - Green Power

Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is energy that is generated from sources that are infinite and always regenerating, such as solar, wave, hydroelectric, wind, and geothermal power. In contrast, po Read More
Solar Power - Energy Generation in a Flower Field

Solar Power

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The greatest natural source of energy on our planet comes from the sun. In just one hour the sun beams down more energy than the whole planet used in the year 2002. Solar power com Read More
Wind Energy - Wind Turbines - Wind Farm

Wind Power

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Wind energy is harnessed by using the kinetic motion wind creates in large wind turbines. Overall wind power only accounts for 1% of the worlds power production, but it makes up 19 Read More

Wave Power

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Wave power is a clean and renewable form of energy that generates electricity using the mechanical energy produced by the motion of waves. One of the ways people harness wave power Read More

Geothermal Power

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Geothermal power is a result of using the heat trapped beneath the Earth's crust as a source of energy. It is nearly a sustainable process, because the amount of heat used is very Read More


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Hydroelectricity comes from harnessing the flow of moving bodies of water such as rivers. These rivers and dammed, and the force of the water rushing through the dam turns enormous Read More

Micro Hydro

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Micro hydroelectricity comes from small pools of water using a wheel to generate up to 100 KW of electricity. This type of hydroelectricity is often used in remote areas or small v Read More
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