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Caribbean Monk Seal - New York zoological society - 1910
Extinct Species

The Caribbean Monk Seal

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The Caribbean monk seal is the only seal to become extinct solely because of man. This “true” seal has not been seen in over 50 years and the last 2 species of monk seal may b Read More
Golden Toad (Bufo Periglenes), Monte Verde Toad
Extinct Species

The Mysterious Golden Toad

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The Golden toad was the most brilliantly colored toads. It has been listed as an extinct species. It lived on a single mountain in Costa Rica. Climate change altered its breedin Read More
Mexican Grizzly - last seen 1964
Extinct Species

Mexican Grizzly Bear Was Last Seen In 1964

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The Mexican Grizzly Bear, a subspecies of the Brown Bear, has been extinct for nearly 50 years. The Conquistadors who arrived in the area in the 16th century were the first Europea Read More
Western Black Rhino
Extinct Species

Western Black Rhino

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The Western Black Rhino faced insurmountable odds against poachers and dwindled to less than ten members before disappearing entirely. They are now extinct. Read More
Such a tiny indicator of the health of our planet
Extinct Species

The Madeira Large White

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In the humid sub-tropical forests of Portugal a majestic white butterfly once flew. In the last fifteen years however, not one has been found, leading to the Madeira Large White be Read More
Pyrenean Ibex, Picture and Location
Extinct Species

Pyrenean Ibex

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Massive hunting decimated the Pyrenean Ibex, and by the later part of the 19th century the species had less than a hundred members left. The Ibex never recovered, and in January of Read More
Kaua'i O'o
Extinct Species

Kaua'i O'o

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The delicate Kaua'i O'o was just one of the many casualties that resulted from the arrival of European ships carrying rats, pigs and mosquitoes into a defenseless Hawaiian ecology. Read More
Extinct Species

Species Extinction

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Species extinction occurs when the last member of a species dies, even though the ability to reproduce may have been lost before that point. Extinction occurs for a variety of reas Read More
Southern Day Frog
Extinct Species

The Southern Day Frog: Biodiversity Lost

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The Southern Day Frog was one of seven frog species to disappear in Australia since 1978. His extinction was caused by a number of factors, but human beings undoubtedly played a ro Read More
Extinct Species

The Going Green Revolution is Necessary for the Human Races Survival

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There is so much more to life than just wasting and leaving footprints on the earth. We need to be eco-friendly by recycling and reusing our waste products. We can all do our par Read More
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