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Farm, Fish & Forestry

Resource Depletion

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Resource depletion occurs when all of the natural resources in an area, both renewable and non-renewable have been exhausted. Human beings currently use resources far more quickly Read More
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Artificial Fertilizer

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Artificial fertilizers are minerals produced through chemical processes to nurture the soil. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the macronutrients, and calcium, magnesium and Read More
Clear Cutting in the Amazon
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Clear Cutting

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Clear cutting is a logging technique used to remove almost all trees in an area. There are usually two motivating factors for clear cutting. The first is commercial viability, or r Read More
Crop Rotation - An element of sustainable farming
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Crop Rotation

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Crop rotation is a farming practice where farmers grow different crops in a field every year. The point of this practice is to maintain levels of nutrients in the soil which can be Read More
Big business fish trawling
Farm, Fish & Forestry


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Basic math would suggest that if you subtract more than you add, you’re left with less than nothing. Like all other ecosystems, this rule also applies to oceans. When we catch ad Read More
2005 UN Fish Stock Assessment
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Driftnet Fishing and Freedom of the High Seas

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Overfishing is depleting fish stock faster than it can replenish itself. This is a threat to the world food supply. Driftnet fishing decimates fish numbers and kills huge numbers Read More
Deforestation - We need trees to absorb carbon and produce oxygen
Farm, Fish & Forestry


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Pasture, agriculture, mining, urban infrastructure, and logging all leads to the conversion of once-forested lands to tree-less areas. According to the World Resources Institute, c Read More
Industrial Hemp Growing In Australia
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Growing Hemp in 2011

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Industrial hemp is grown throughout the world for many environmentally friendly uses. This is not a drug, but an eco plant suitable for agriculture around the world. Learn more abo Read More
Green Manure - Soybean
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Green Manure

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Green manure is a type of cover crop that is grown, and then tilled back into the soil to improve it for the next crop. Popular green manure includes vetch and clover, which are ni Read More
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Chemical Ripening

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Chemical ripening involves the use of chemicals to either slow or quicken the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. To quicken the ripening process calcium carbide is used, wh Read More
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