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Go Green in your backyard

An Eco Friendly Backyard

12,975 Views 2 Comments
Going green in your backyard is all about common sense and hardwork, but the rewards are well worth the effort! Here are ten tips to get you start on the path to a green backyard. Read More
Aquaponics Kit - Kitchen Garden Unit

Aquaponics Made Easy - Afternoon in the greenhouse - Brisbane - 18 July 2010

6,796 Views 0 Comments
In this workshop you will learn how to raise your own organic fish and vegetables in the most water efficient growing system available, and yes, you CAN do this in your own backyar Read More
Green Garden

A Green Garden: 10 Tips To Save the Earth’s Ecosystem

4,885 Views 0 Comments
Do you have a green thumb and can really make your Green Garden grow? Are your fruits, vegetables and herbs natural? Do you place toxic chemicals to keep out pesky bugs? Read More
Eco-friendly Insecticides

6 Tips on How to Get Environmentally and Eco-friendly Insecticides

4,773 Views 0 Comments
Insecticides are widely used in various households but with its sheer amount of chemicals that get released into your home, garden and lawn, it would be of the utmost essence to ke Read More

The Children's Kitchen Garden

3,239 Views 0 Comments
The Children’s Kitchen Garden aims to develop a children’s kitchen garden that will provide an environment for children to grow and harvest crops and learn about food productio Read More
ezyGrow PLanter

ezyGrow Planters

3,232 Views 0 Comments
A new and exciting product has just come on to the market. It is a large garden planter that can be used to grow vegetables and herbs with ease. The key difference with this plante Read More
Growing Paw Paw using Aquaponics

What is Aquaponics?!

3,055 Views 0 Comments
I didn’t know what is was, but as soon as I saw a demonstration unit, I wanted to try it for myself! Aquaponics is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and fish (or other aquatic Read More

5 Tips On Turning Your Green Backyard The Envy Of Your Neighbors

2,505 Views 0 Comments
Are you ready to throw off the winter blues and enjoy the fresh, warm air that has finally invaded your area? You can spend your quality, off work time with your loved ones without Read More
The Outside Gourmet Compost Bin

The Outside Gourmet

2,170 Views 0 Comments
Sturdy, weatherproof, and compact, the Outside Gourmet is one of the most popular compost bins in North America. Read More
Green Fruit

Seven Ways To Go Green With Fruit

2,035 Views 0 Comments
Some people eat nothing but red grapes. Some people drool at the sight of dates. Some people like to eat exotic green fruits while some people prefer their fruits in smoothies. Read More
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