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Waste Transfer Note Example

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A useful example of a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) is shown below. If you would like to know more about WTNs, read our blog post ‘Waste Transfer Notes‘. Waste Transfer Not Read More
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Aluminium-free Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda)

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Every now and then, I'll go crazy on vegan doughnuts and get heartburn. Indigestion sucks, but I've found something that works. Bicarbonate of Soda - also known as Baking Soda. For Read More
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The Green Advantage - Chain Hotels vs. Independent Hotels

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A recent study on green hospitality conducted by Washington State University noted that chain hotels have a distinct advantage over smaller independent hotels when it comes to impl Read More
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Try Bullfrog Soup Before you Croak!

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Puff out your Chest! This recipe may upset some - not unlike the recipe  for Polish  omelette which starts with the quip: "First, steal an egg.&q Read More
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Yuzu + Tabasco = Yuzusco! Hot japanese tabasco-style sauce with Yuzu!

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If you've read my previous post on Yuzu sake, you know I'm a big lover of this zesty Japanese citrus fruit. When I saw a small botle of something called "Yuzusco", I had to try it! Read More
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Thailand Torrent Seeding

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As the green season approaches, the farmers of Isan are busy ploughing their paddies - either growing rice direct from seed, or labouriously planting seedlings by hand, to ensure a Read More
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Get rid of mould after floods with clove oil

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The City Council inspector that visited my cousin's inundated house after the 2011 Brisbane flood, gave some advice that inspired this blog post.  He advised to keep away from Read More
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Baby bottles by Dr Weil offer excellent features

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The Dr Weil Baby range of glass and safe, BPA free baby bottles and sippy cups is now available at Biome. Weil Baby includes glass baby bottles, safe plastic BPA free baby bottles, Read More
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Jason Mohr live on CNBC Strictly Money

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Jason Mohr talks to CNBC’s Strictly Money about AnyJunk’s business and council bulky waste collection. Jason Mohr live on CNBC Read More
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Matamis Na Bao - resistance is futile! A finger-licking vegan alternative to Dulce de Leche.

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On one of my many trips to London's Chinatown, in one of the alleys lined with red lanterns, I found gold! Vegan food gold, that is - which is worth MORE than real gold, I'm tellin Read More
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