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DIY Tree Root Ferilizer Injection

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Yard Butler WST-1 Deep Root Irrigator When I saw this I had to pass it on. Fertilizing trees, shrubs, and even flowers by injecting the liquid fertilizer directly into the root zon Read More
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Brown and Dying Gardenia Flowers and Thrip Infestation

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As Spring springs your gardenia are blooming and the fragrance is intoxicating. Gardenia, camellias, Jasmine, and Russian Tea Olive have some of the most fragrant flowers in the ga Read More
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Bed Bugs and Chinch Bugs

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Bed bugs are in the news big time right now. Why not? The thought of those little bastards feeding on me in some dirty hotel that I’m trapped in because it’s late and I Read More
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Lawn Mowers on Propane

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Alternative fuels are a great way to lower emissions. I realize that no matter how much I preach about less lawn, Americans aren’t going to give it up any time soon. Not even Read More
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Asia House, Save Wild Tigers Forum – London – 7th December 2010

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Asia House Save Wild Tigers Forum – Turning Words into Action In partnership with Born Free, Environmental Investigation Agency and WildAid. Tickets available. Throughout the Read More
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  • Date Added: Nov 26, 2010
  • From: Environmental Investigation Agency
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Southern Idaho Company making fish fertilizer.

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When I was introduced to fish fertilizer back in the 80′s, it was for interior plantscapes. We used organic because artificial fertilizers are full of salts that would build Read More
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Converted Organics – Food Waste into Fertilizer

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I have written before that the best plant food is rich soil biology enhanced by compost and compost teas. In Step Two of our system I talk about the combined activity of soil micro Read More
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Gaillardia the Gladiator – The Toughest Native Flower

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For most people being in nature is relaxing and brings them back to peace.   For some I realize that nature is full of creepy crawly things that are certain to bite, sting, an Read More
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Stainless steel food containers

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In my post on litterless lunches I promised to revisit the topic of stainless food containers. Now seems as good a time as any, especially as summer means picnics and picnics requi Read More
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Compost Tea for Lawns – Brewing or Extraction

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Compost tea is simply a liquid made out of compost and water. The idea is to isolate the bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms in the water without the solid particles of decay Read More
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