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Greenpeace Members Say Help End Whaling!
Marine & Estuary

What You Can Do To Stop Whaling

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What can you do to stop whaling? Write a letter, donate, reduce pollution, and reduce your carbon footprint. Read More
Marine & Estuary


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Siltation is a form of water pollution. Minute rock particles, caused by erosion, reach the ocean via streams and rivers or air currents. Most of this sediment is either silt or cl Read More
Inside the Ady Gil
Marine & Estuary

The Ady Gil - Sea Shepherd Ocean Defense Vessel

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The newest member of the Sea Shepherd fleet is called the Ady Gil, formerly named the Earthrace. Read More
Marine & Estuary

Blue Blubber Jellyfish (Catostylus) - Reef Reality Episode 10

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There are different kinds of jellyfish found in different oceans of the world. The one that concerns us, the Jelly Blubber, is a native of Australia and other islands around it. It Read More
Shark Finning
Marine & Estuary

How to Protect Sharks - Stop Shark Finning

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Sharks have existed, virtually unchanged, for more than 400 million years. But now, Earth's most dangerous predator pushes global shark populations to the brink - humans. Shark Fin Read More
Saving the Whales
Marine & Estuary

The Real Whale Wars - 2010 Strategy

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What is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's plan for the 2009-2010 campaign in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary? Read More
Blue Star fish
Marine & Estuary

Blue Sea Star (Linckia laevigata) - Reef Reality Episode 12

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The blue sea star, sometimes called the blue Linckia, is a species of sea star found on shallow reef areas exposed to sunlight and on rocks in tropical Indo-Pacific waters. This s Read More
Marine & Estuary

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Waltzing Matilda

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The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has launched Operation Waltzing Matilda, the 2009-2010 anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica. Read More
Trumpet Fish 2
Marine & Estuary

Trumpetfish (Aulostomidae) - Reef Reality Episode 15

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Trumpetfishes are long bodied marine fish with long tubular snouts. Their scientific name, Aulostomidae is from two Greek words: "aulos", meaning flute and "stoma", meaning mouth. Read More
Wobbygong shark
Marine & Estuary

Tasseled Wobbegong Shark (Eucrossorhinus dasypogon) - Reef Reality Episode 30

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The tasseled wobbegong shark is a bottom dwelling carpet shark named after its distinctive lattice-like “beard” of branching skin flaps around the jaw area. Read More
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