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Romilly Madew

Romilly Madew

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Australia’s advocate for “a green industrial revolution”, Romilly Madew, as the Green Building Council CEO announced this week a plans to rate environmental features of mul Read More

Profile on Megan Wheatley

4,678 Views 0 Comments
Profile on Megan Wheatley. Believing there is still enormous scope to ramp up domestic activity to drive investment in renewable energy, Suzlon Energy's Megan Wheatley would also l Read More

What does a sustainable population for South East Queensland look like?

2,079 Views 0 Comments
This breakfast forum explores population issues for South East Queensland with a very diverse panel of experts to debate the topic. Read More

Join A Green Social Network To Meet Like Minded People

1,915 Views 0 Comments
Green social networks are platforms that connect like-minded people with one another to share their enthusiasm for green energy solutions. Read More

The Importance Of An Eco Social Network

2,766 Views 0 Comments
Are eco social networks really necessary or are they adding clutter to the Internet? Find out. Read More
Eco-Friendly Christmas

10 Tips To Make Your Christmas A Little Eco-Friendly

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Christmas is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. There are a lot of festivities going on everywhere from gift giving, decorations and dinner parties. From all of it c Read More
Colman Ridge, Founder of Greenfest

Colman Ridge

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Greenfest founder Colman Ridge wins world praise Read More
Green People Need

10 Tips On Why and How People Need To Go Green

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No doubt you have heard about the movement to go green. DO you know what it actually means? It makes saving the environment by changing the things that affect it including chemical Read More
Eco-Friendly Hazardous Chemicals Mouthwash

NumerousChemicals Regular Mouthwash: Make Your Mouthwash Eco-Friendly

4,907 Views 0 Comments
A mouthwash is advertised to kill bacteria that are found in your mouth and give you long-lasting fresh breath. Some of these claims are not true; mouthwash effectiveness is only t Read More

The walking Man

1,830 Views 0 Comments
I have been an advocate of sustainability since the 70’s with the core area of interest in energy efficient building and systems. Starting in April 2010 I am walking from Melbou Read More
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