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Being a Green Pet Owner

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Being a green pet owner is not only about buying the right products, it's about being a conscientious human being. Here are ten tips to get you thinking about being an eco-friendly Read More
Aussie Barking Dog Man

Craziest Barking Dog Impression EVER! Old Australian Barking Dog Man

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Old Guy Gone Wild. The Australian Barking Dog Man. Step Aside Susan Boyle, the new YouTube sensation is Aussie pensioner Ray Graham from NSW, Australia. Ray gave THE Best EVER impe Read More
Dark Water Rising

Dark Water Rising: Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescues

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Over 50,000 dogs and cats were left behind in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as FEMA required that all animals be left behind in the mandatory evacuation.Thi Read More

5 Reasons Why Building Your Own Chicken Coop Is Better!

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Find out the main five reasons that people are choosing building chicken coops over buying them pre-built!Read More
Eco-Friendly Cat

Four Tips To How You Can Make That Cat Eco-Friendly

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There are many people who would prefer to have a cat eco-friendly as opposed to a dog. Yet, having a feline friend is quite a big responsibility. There’s the food you must feed i Read More

Building a Chicken Coop

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When it comes to building a chicken coop you don't have to be a carpenter or an expert, but you do need to consider certain factors. Read More
Canine eco friendly

Five Tips To Make Your Canine Friend More Eco-Friendly

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You’ve heard the old saying… a dog is a man’s best friend. After all, dogs are one of the most common pets seen in a household. Many people love their canine friends so much Read More

Green Your Pet Care- Pet Food

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We know how important your pet is to you. Greening your pet care is part of greening your entire lifestyle. Read this article to find out the healthiest and most environmentally Read More
Eco-Friendly Pet

15 Tips To Make Your Pet and Its Environment Greener

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When you have a pet, they become more than a pet, they become family. With that in mind, isn’t it important that their health and well being be taken care of along with yours? Yo Read More

Green Your Pet Care: What to do about waste?

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Green tips and information about greening your pet care. Read More
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