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AIRE Offers Courses to Fulfill the Anticipated Job Growth Rate in Solar Industry

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Solar industry employers plan to increase their workforce by an estimated 26 percent over the next year. Read More
Steve Parish seeks sustainable ways to provide educational information
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Publishing Technologies Create Green Global Opportunities for Publishers

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Whether becoming eBooks, iPhone Apps or digital media, books are changing and few could argue against the idea that publishing in Australia, and throughout the world, is now underg Read More
Ian Kiernan, founder and chairman of Clean Up Australia
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Ian Kiernan Supports Green Social Networking Site –

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‘Ian Kiernan Supports Green Social Networking Site –’ When it comes to going green, there are so many things to do, so many ways of doing it and so many orga Read More
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Latest Study finds Australian consumers sceptical about eco-claims

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The 2009 Green Marketing Trends Report contains information on the state of green purchasing, consumer feedback on the state of green marketing, but more importantly, a range of fe Read More
Are You on Facebook or Twitter?
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10,000 Facebook Fans Campaign!

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We need your HELP! SuperGreenMe is aiming for 10,000 Facebook fans!! Please spread the challenge virtually via facebook updates, twitter, email! Read More
GreenTECH08 My Big Green Idea
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Interactive Site for ‘Going Green’ Launched at GreenTECH 08

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Interactive Site for ‘Going Green’ Launched at GreenTECH 08. A new, interactive eco-web portal - - was launched at Sydney's annual GreenTech expo to much criti Read More
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Public learn importance of Coral Trout stocks along the Great Barrier Reef

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The Coral Trout programme, conducted by Reef Check Australia, has been a success. The programme aimed at teaching volunteers how to recognise and record scientific data about Coral Read More
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Hass Libre in 2009 Gift Bags for 10th Anniversary Latin GRAMMY® Awards

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Environmentally-friendly clothing company Hass Libre will be the exclusive tee-shirt in this years Latin GRAMMY® Awards celebrating a decade of the The Latin Recording Academy®s Read More
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Hass Libre Remodels Eco-Friendly Clothing Website for its Go-Green Users

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An environmentally friendly clothing company is undergoing major renovations to its website. The Go Green company site will feature new products, interviews with activists and env Read More
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Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Bamboo Create Environmentally Friendly Clothing Co.

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In an attempt to help save the environment, Hass Libre has come out with a new product line consisting of eco friendly clothing. The primary materials to make the clothing are all Read More
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