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The Go Green Mantra: Reduce Reuse Recycle

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The throw-away mentality indicative of Western society is simply not environmentally sustainable. It overtaxes landfill space, contaminates underground drinking water aquifers and Read More

Recycling Is Key To The Go Green Revolution

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Recycling materials rather than sending them to the dump is one of the most important Go Green steps a human being can take. Why is recycling important? It is because you help the Read More

Eco-friendly Design - The Truth About Recycling

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Learn the truth about recycling and how it can affect your choice of eco-friendly design. Read More
Clean Up the World 2009

Waste and Climate change - the importance of recycling

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Someone asked me the other day what the point of recycling is? We spend our time diligently separating our recyclables from our non-recyclables and putting them in the correct bins Read More

Trolley Buddy

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Trolley Buddy is a new eco-friendly re-useable shopping bag that clips onto your supermarket shopping trolley. Read More

Homemade Pen Holder From Recycled Jewel Cases

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I love craft projects! Especially the ones that allow you to recycle & reuse what some would consider to be trash.Checkout this unique, super functional pen holder made out of Read More
Green Recycling

10 Green Recycling Must Have Tips to Remember and Use

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What do you think of when you hear the word recycling? Do you see blue plastic bins on the side of the road or bottle drives being held? Recycling isn’t a new concept and many pe Read More

Recycle your used Cell phone or iPod the right way!

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A great web site that will help you recycle your cell phone or ipod and help the environment, and get you paid! Read More

Compatible Inkjet Cartridges and the Environment

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Many inkjet and toner cartridge suppliers offer a recycling scheme which pays money back for each cartridge sent for recycling whilst at the same time helping the environment. Read More

Recycling – Healthy habit

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We know that our earth’s environment needs immediate attention, but only few are taking steps to save our planet. Our clean, colorful and bright cities also have ugly landfills a Read More
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