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Eco-Friendlier Pencils

Make Your Pencils Eco-Friendly With Three Simple Tips

5,251 Views 0 Comments
Although computers are a major part of human life and help people do even the most mundane tasks, a pencil is still the most used writing tool used today. Read More
Capella 3 Light Cluster Pendant Light

Capella 3 Light Cluster Pendant Light

4,685 Views 0 Comments
Product review of Capella 3 Light Cluster Pendant Light Read More
Epic Bedroom Furniture Collection

Epic Bedroom Furniture Collection

4,262 Views 0 Comments
Product feature on the elegantly modern Epic Bedroom Furniture Collection including panel platform bed and case goods. Read More
Eco-Friendly Lipstick

The Low-Down on Eco-Friendly Lipstick

4,079 Views 1 Comments
Ahhhh…lipstick. Probably many a young girls’ first flirt with makeup. And judging from the enormous popularity (and sales) of lipstick, that flirtation never ceases. Read More
Shin Dining Room Set

Shin Dining Room Furniture Collection

3,904 Views 0 Comments
A product feature on the Shin Dining Collection, a clean Asian inspired dining set made from sustainably harvested wood. Read More
Eco-Friendly Fragrance

The Eco-Friendly Fragrance Fears

3,453 Views 0 Comments
eco-friendly fragrance and cologne. With names evoking forests, oceans, flowers, and spices who would think they’d be so un-natural? Those lovely scents may remind you of the pl Read More

Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

3,433 Views 0 Comments
These eco-friendly shopping tips will see you save money, stop global warming and contribute to a greener tomorrow. Read More

Eco-Friendly Baby Gear

2,951 Views 0 Comments
Finding eco-friendly baby gear is sometimes hard to come by for new parents not familiar with the green industry. This article will give you some ideas and suggestion for your eco- Read More
Eco-Friendly Sneakers

Four Tips To Have Eco-Friendly Sneakers On Your Feet and In Your Closet

2,184 Views 0 Comments
People enjoy wearing sneakers and they usually replace them every six months. However, athletes such basketball and football players tend to change their eco-friendly sneakers more Read More
Green Jewelry

Get the Dirt on Green Jewelry

2,072 Views 0 Comments
Don’t let looks fool you. Although sparkly, shiny and glamorous, the jewelry trade is dirty, dangerous work that wrecks havoc on local ecosystems. Read More
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