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Eco-Friendly Conserve Water
Water & Water Saving

10 Ways To Conserve Water

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The most abundant and precious resource found on the globe is water. This resource, despite it’s great importance, is also the most abused, misused and misallocated. It’s vital Read More
Water & Water Saving

Cost Effective Eco-Friendly Water

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Eco-friendly water is a must have in this day and age. It's easier to make your own than you think and the tips in this article will help you to save money long term. Read More
Water & Water Saving

How Does an Atmospheric Water Generator get water?

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Short article that shows how an Atmospheric Water Generator gets its water Read More
Water & Water Saving

The Water Bottle Issue

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Movies, books, politicians – the water bottle is under siege. Carry a plastic water bottle at your own peril; the tide of public opinion is turning against you. From top rating Read More
Water & Water Saving

Cadmium: Not Just For Batteries Anymore

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What is Cadmium? Why is it in my drinking water? How can it effect my health?Read More
Albertus Magnus is usually accredited with the discovery of the element around 1250
Water & Water Saving

Arsenic in My Water?

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Yikes! Why is there Arsenic in my water? This article reviews a brief history of Arsenic and details how much the Environmental Protection Agency allows in our tap water supply. F Read More
Tap water
Water & Water Saving

Tap Water vs Bottled Water

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This article made a comparison between Tap Water vs. Bottled Water Read More
Summertime Spikes in Atrazine from the New York Times
Water & Water Saving

Waht is Atrazine and why is it in my drinking water?

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This articles summarizes the information about Atrazine and the health effects from its presents in drinking water in the USA. Read More
Tap Water Chart
Water & Water Saving

How Safe is my Tap Water?

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Interesting info about tap water in America. Read More
Water & Water Saving

Ecosanitation Course

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AUSTRALIAN TOIlLET ASSOCIATION, ECOSANITATION COURSEWhen: Saturday 3 July 2010 Time: 09:00 - 17:00 Where: University of Queensland - Brisbane Charge: $60 working people, $ Read More
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