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Trees burnt by acid rain
Waste & Pollution

Acid Rain

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Acid rain or acid deposition is created from a variety of pollution sources. It has damaging effects to the environment, outdoor structures, and humans. Though some attempts to re Read More
Salt-affected soils on rangeland in Colorado


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Salt exists naturally in both land and water, but salinity occurs when there is a higher than normal level of salt in surface and groundwater as well as soil. Over-irrigation and Read More
Majestic Polar Bear
Endangered Species

Polar Bear: Fight for Habitat

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Global warming is affecting all the animals of the world and the polar bear’s habitat is disappearing at a frightening rate. This beloved cultural icon will not have time to evo Read More
The Great Barrier Reef Nemo
National Parks

Great Barrier Reef

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If you’re an eco traveler who likes to go green, the Great Barrier Reef should be on your life list! The Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea is the most immense coral reef syste Read More
Chernobyl after the accident
Waste & Pollution

9. Chernobyl, Ukraine

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In 1986 a secret Soviet Union power station at Chernobyl exploded, tossing radioactive particles into the air that spread all throughout Europe. Even now, more than 20 years later, Read More
Polluted River Kathmandu, Nepal
Waste & Pollution

To reduce pollution which harms us by contaminating Air, Water and Soil

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Air, water and soil pollution all have a negative effect on the health of humans as well as our environment. Pollution is caused when waste products are released that cannot be ef Read More
Faroe Stamp Blue Whale - Postverk Føroya - Philatelic Office
Endangered Species

The Blue Whale

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The blue whale is the largest mammal on the planet and on the endangered species list. Due to its great size, it was hunted to the point of extinction during the height of the wha Read More
We need to preserve what little resources we have

To preserve the limited amount of natural resources we have

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Our natural resources are critical to human life on earth, however, our actions exceed the capacity of the earth to provide for us. Humans consume more of our natural resources tha Read More
Norilsk Factory
Waste & Pollution

8. Norilsk, Russia

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Noted by The Blacksmith Institute (1) as one of the world’s ten most polluted places, Norilsk, Russia shows a deeper picture of despair than T.S. Eliot’s poem, The Waste Land. Read More
Farm, Fish & Forestry

Resource Depletion

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Resource depletion occurs when all of the natural resources in an area, both renewable and non-renewable have been exhausted. Human beings currently use resources far more quickly Read More
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