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Greener Fashion Accessories Greener Fashion Accessories

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10 Tips That Can Help You Save the Environment While Looking Good

Every day people use Greener Fashion Accessories with little regards to the kinds of damages it does to the environment. These accessories could be quite simple in nature to very intricate just to make an ordinary outfit outstanding. How can persons make a fashion accessory greener? Utilize these ten tips listed below to help you out.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #1 - Vintage

It's important to find vintage Greener Fashion Accessories to wear on an outfit. Brand new doesn't always mean better, after all. When you buy older materials to accessorize your clothing, you save the environment and the resources it would have taken to make the accessory.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #2 - Fair Trades

When you do fair trades, you support better working conditions and for the rights of the workers. You help support the producers who in turn offer better wages to their workers. When you trade with them, you give them the chance to improve their livelihood.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #3 - Recycling Precious Metals

Mining for gems and metals is not very friendly to the environment. For that reason, many jewelry designers are going a different approach when making their product. They will use recycled materials to making their jewelry. You can even find weddings rings that were made out of recycled gold.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #4 - Sustainable Accessories

You can find all kinds of Greener Fashion Accessories that were made out of recycled materials, saving the Earth from being constantly mined. Most of the recycled material is made into products quite lovely to wear. If you are looking for fabrics to wear, choose something that's been made out bamboo, soysilk, hemp or organic cotton.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #5 - Borrow Your Accessories

If you like certain Greener Fashion Accessories that a friend has and you often share, ask if you can share the accessories besides purchasing it yourself. Some companies will even allow you to rent a Greener Fashion Accessories for a period of time for a set price.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #6 - Accessories of Conflict

It's not uncommon to find certain Greener Fashion Accessories that come from war-zone or war torn areas. They may even come from areas that are in rebel conflict or have causes of human abuse. Some countries that fit into this mold include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Sierra Leone. If you want to make sure your accessory does not come from an area such as these, be sure to ask for papers that prove the documentation of its whereabouts.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #7 - Repair Your Accessories

If you want to make an impact on the environment, be sure you repair your accessories. If you can't do it yourself, take the item to someone who can fix it for you for a small price. By using some tender loving care, you can extend the life of your accessories and won't damage the Earth any further.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #8 - Enhance Don't Cover

Don't forget that your clothes are supposed to shine. If you have too many accessories jingling about, it takes the image away. The best time of jewelry is something simply but classy, regardless of the occasion.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #9 - Do Your Own Do

One of the best things about being an individual is showing that individuality to everyone else. Don't wear accessories just because everyone else is wearing them. Instead, go with the beat of your own drum and wear what you like. If you find something you like, dare to wear it.

 Greener Fashion Accessories Tip #10 - Craft Business/Owners

Even if the economy is faltering, don't purchase from big retailers that sell accessories at a bargain price. Chances are many of their accessories came from sweatshops or employees that were not paid as well for the item. Instead, look to crafters whose business it is to make fine accessories. Support smaller businesses that are geared to making certain accessories. They will put more creativity into the product and provide consumers more bang for their buck.

Submitted by theecoguru on Nov 18, 2009