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Eco-Friendly Conserve Water Eco-Friendly Conserve Water

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10 Ways To Conserve Water

The most abundant and precious resource found on the globe is water. This resource, despite it's great importance, is also the most abused, misused and misallocated. It's vital that all living things have safe drinking Eco-Friendly Water. It's vital that the Earth's ecosystem is balanced. It's vital that water is used on food products. Still yet, chemicals, pesticides and much more other harmful ingredients are going into the water supply. However, you have the power to make water more efficient. You already heard some tips to saving the most precious resource on Earth. However, here are ten reasons (some you may have heard) on how to green your water.

10 Steps To Take To Conserve Eco-Friendly Water

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #1 - Stop the Leaks

If you have a leaky faucet, you are losing about 20 gallons of water every day. A leaking toilet will waste about 90,000 gallons of Eco-Friendly Water each month. This is the time to get out your tools and fix them. It's always best to maintain your plumbing equipment so you can save money in the long run.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #2 - Replacing Older Fixtures with Newer Ones

Sometimes you just have to get out of the old and into the new. If you need new appliances such as a washer machine or dishwasher, purchase ones that are water efficient. You can also add on aerators to your faucet. Aerators help to reduce your water volume. Some showerheads have a pause button that will stop the Eco-Friendly Water from spraying while you get cleaned. Everything that you do to save water also saves money and energy on your utility bills by a considerable amount.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #3 - Instill Good Water Habits

What kinds of things can you do to ensure that you save this precious commodity? Try to remember that any water that goes down the drain will mix in with raw sewage. Since this is such as precious resource in the environment, remember to shut off the water in your sink as you brush your teeth. Use dishwashers and washer machines when they are full. If you need to wash dishes by hand, fill up one side of the sink. You can also take shorter showers to save water. If you don't believe you are saving water, take a glance at your Eco-Friendly Water bill. How much did you save in money during the month of water conservation?

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #4 - Bottled Water

So is bottled Eco-Friendly Water the real thing? Actually no. Most tap water is fine and bottled water is practically no different than tap water. Bottled water contains synthetic organic chemicals that are environmentally unhealthy. Not only that but the plastic bottles that bottled water come in are an unwelcome sight and just fill up landfills. If your home water seems funny tasting, install a water filter to help you out. It's much safer and cleaner than bottled water.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #5 - Watering Your Lawn

If you own or rent your home, you'll need to water your lawn. How do you conserve water, be eco-friendly and still water your lawn? First, water the lawn when it's cooler. This is usually early in the morning or later in the evening time. By doing it this way, you minimize how much evaporation and water gets wasted.   If you do it regularly, you won't have to leave on the faucet very long each day.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #6 - Water from the Sky

It may seem weird but try harvesting the rainwater. You can place barrels outside to catch the Eco-Friendly Water and use it for a variety of reasons.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #7 - Using Greywater

You know that water you have in your kitchen sink, shower, or washer machine. You can use it for other water-needed items. What is grey Eco-Friendly Water you ask? It's water that's been used once before but still good enough to use for other things around your home. You can use grey  Eco-Friendly Water on your plants outside if you'd like.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #8 - Car Washes

Hand washing your cat at home is not Eco-Friendly Water. Instead, take your vehicle to a car wash. Most car washes treat the water and recycle it. If you are unsure if your car wash company does this, ask someone who may know.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #9 - Report Water Wasting

If you see hydrants that are open or there are broken pipes in your neighborhood, be sure to report these problems. If you have friends or family that have a constant dripping sound, call them on it. They may not realize they have a problem.

 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tip #10 - No Chemicals

Above anything else you should never pour chemicals down the drain. There is a chance that the chemical could make its way back into your home but in a diluted for. Better safe than sorry... just don't do it.

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