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101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money - Downoad FREE eBook!

"You're About To Get 101 FREE Sustainable Living Secrets That Most Green Authors Charge $ For"


"101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money"


We Have the Technology to Go Green WITHOUT Lowering our Living Standards!

This eBook Shows You How!

More Than Just "Change Your Light Bulbs"!


Just a glimpse of what you'll learn:



  Tip #19 will save you up to 50% of the cost of water your washing machine uses



  Tip #42 explains how plants can reduce your air-conditioning costs by $250 a year



  Tip #47 tells you how to save $2,500 in the first 2-3 years of your baby's life



  Tip #78 can help you save $520 a year in food costs



  Tip #84 could improve your car's mileage and save $ on fuel


This incredibly easy and insanely effective ebook can work for anyone. Use it to live more sustainably today.

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Frustrations, Greenwash & Hefty Price Tags

The Green consumer product industry is a hot market today.  As a SuperGreenMe user, chance are - you're already an eco-conscious consumer.  But if you're like me, you get frustrated when the greener option comes with a hefty price tag.

In today's economy, many people simply can't afford to spend more on an item just because it's the eco-friendly option.  And as "greenwash" floods the market, it's more confusing than ever to know which water bottle really is BPA free or what all these certified organic symbols stand for.

Wouldn't it be nice to know how to navigate all these green options? 

I thought it would be, so that's why I decided to sift through the smorgasbord of resources I have here at SuperGreenMe, to bring you the best ways to Go Green and Save Money.

And best of all, I'm providing this information to you FREE, just for being a loyal SuperGreenMe user!


But There's Good News!

It's not too late to do something.

Is it really possible for the average person to make a difference?


Its just about changing habits.

By making simple changes to your lifestyle, this is what can happen:

Green_Check_mark.pngYou can stop wasting water and never be thirsty.

Green_Check_mark.pngYou can stop wasting electricity and still have more than enough.

Green_Check_mark.pngYou can stop wasting gas in your car and still get everywhere you need to.

Green_Check_mark.pngYou can stop wasting food and never go hungry.

Green_Check_mark.pngYou can stop wasting just about everything you use, have more than enough and never need to lower your living standards!

In short - you will discover "101 Ways To Go Green, Save Money At the Same Time and Make a BIG difference!

Changing Daily Habits to Make Your Life Green!

You already know about making the switch to CFL's and setting your thermostat up or down a degree.  The tips I offer in this book go much deeper than that. 

As the founder of SuperGreenMe, I have had access to an impressive list of expert ecologists, green products, and businesses to whom I have turned to create this book.  Together, we researched the 101 most efficient and cheapest sustainable options that will benefit our environment and save you money along the way! 

It's easy to see how tips like these can save you thousands of dollars each year.  So go ahead and grab your copy of the FREE eBook, 101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money, and start living a more efficient, sustainable life today!

Sustainably Yours,


David Toomey



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