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Green Landscaping Green Landscaping

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6 Tips On How To Go Green With Your Landscaping

Do you happen to be a home landscaper that wants to go green? Well, various eco-friendly landscaping tactics now exist that you can practice to improve your home's air quality and cooling and heating efficiency while fostering wildlife and saving precious water at the same time. By opting for the proper surfaces, trees, decorative mulches, shrubs and various other materials, property Green Landscaping can help you go green in several ways.

 Tip 1 - Opt For Organic Green Landscaping Services

Organic services for lawn and landscape exist everywhere nowadays that can meet your needs for healthier soil, water and air, as well as a perfectly-kept and environmentally friendly yard. The way you take care of your landscape and lawn also happens to affect your family, pets and neighbors. By hiring a lawn service or landscaper, you don't need to settle for yard dousing with harmful pesticides and weed killers. Nowadays, a lot of professional lawn and landscape services go green with environmentally friendly lawn care and green landscaping practices for your home.

 Tip 2 - Opt For The Proper Landscaping Green Watering System

If your watering system is highly effective and eco-friendly, you can save yourself a lot of money, water and time, not to mention save the environment. Opting for the proper watering system can help conserve a lot of fresh water. There are various methods and method combinations that you can use to efficiently water your garden. This would include the use of watering cans, sprinklers or hoses.

 Tip 3 - Create Wildlife Habitat In Your Green With Your Green  Landscaping Backyard

If you want to attract chickadees or chipmunks, butterflies or bluebirds, yard landscaping can attract wildlife to help you go green. Plus, it is a family-friendly, educational and fun activity that could even help save threatened or endangered animals from going extinct.
In order to create your very own wildlife oasis, you need to remember the four basics that wildlife needs: cover, water, food and places to raise their offspring. If you have a knack for creativity, go Green  Landscaping and build a wildlife oasis on your own. If not, you can hire someone to do it for you.

 Tip 4 - Landscape Your Personal Landscaping Green Home

You can beautify your own home and lower the energy bills at the same time through environmentally friendly shrubs, trees, hedges and vines. These eco-friendly fixtures can help cool or heat your home and are much more attractive compared to air conditioners or furnaces.

 Tip 5 - Put Green Xeriscaping Into Practice

Originally made for desert climates, xeriscaping principles can now be put to practice practically anywhere including your own home. With xeriscaping, you can conserve water and produce a low-maintenance and attractive landscape that are completely environmentally friendly. Contrary to popular belief, xeriscaping does not merely refer to cacti and rocks. Instead, it makes use of drought-tolerant, native and green  landscape plants, ground cover and shrubs.

 Tip 6 - Make Use Of Environmentally Friendly Green Materials

Recycled and natural landscape materials are environmentally friendly and can be used to construct retaining walls, paths, walkways and islands. Doing so will also add the practical and unique finishing touch to your perfect, personal and eco-friendly Green  landscape design.

Submitted by theecoguru on Nov 18, 2009