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Its not about us, we are all in this together! Its not about us, we are all in this together!

About Us


"Your One-stop Shop for Going Green"

"Your guide to living sustainably"


Everyone talks about ‘Going Green' but many are unaware of what this really means.


The Super Green Me site offers each person all the practical tools to better understand how to adapt and personalise their response to reducing their carbon footprint, and the amount of resources they consume.


Super Green Me is a unique combination of:

  • credible content produced by a variety of experts in the fields of environmentalism, conservation and sustainability,
  • user generated content which gives the community a chance to share their ideas.


Super Green Me has taken a user generated and social networking approach to greening the world. It contains daily tips, articles, photos, videos, member profiles, news, an eco glossary (‘Learn'), national park profiles, conservation organisation profiles and more! Developers of this solid Web 2.0 platform trust that the capabilities and content will benefit a great cross-section of the global community.


If you're a green enthusiast, scientist, academic, teacher, parent, child, professional or volunteer, SuperGreenMe wants to include your voice...


Because we know that in order to manage change effectively, it needs to come from the people. We want to gather all of your eco ideas from around the world to secure our planets future.


Who is behind it?

Super Green Me is a privately funded initiative which is developed and managed by a group of skilled environmental enthusiasts.


The Director of the project is David Toomey - a well travelled and well educated Australian with a passion for environmental sustainability.


Who can use it?

Anyone - the more the merrier.


Teachers and other academics may utilise the articles for classes.


Journalists and other members of the Media may quote from articles with the condition they reference the site and author.

Government and Commercial

We would encourage Businesses, Councils, Governments et al. to profile themselves if they deem their pursuits for sustainability to be inspiring in their pragmatism for the extended community.

Conservation Organisations

Super Green Me encourages you to profile your organisation and activities. Make sure you highlight your conservation activities to create awareness for the projects you conduct and support.

National Parks

Profile your park, its highlights, activities, flora and fauna. We want the community to be inspired to get out, enjoy mother nature and the learn about her intricate beauty.


"Helping You Help the Earth"



Submitted by Admin on Jul 29, 2008