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At the OFFICE - 10 ways to make your workplace eco friendly

Offices, office buildings and other workplaces are major source of resource consumption. Energy, paper, water, IT equipment and stationary are all very disposable and get used in a very liberal mannner. It takes 24 trees to produce a ton of printing and writing paper. (Conservatree) More than 99 million tons of paper and paperboard were used in the U.S. in 2005!! (


Do you recognize these wasteful comments?

Its not your money, so why worry about it, right? Business is good, the company can certainly afford a few reems of paper! You need un unlimited supply of quality material to do your job well! Don't you?


I would beg to differ! Excess consumption effects everybody!! In addition, it weakens the financial position of the company who is employing you. Don't bite the hand that feeds you! A true professional never blames his tools for poor performance.


Simple changes in daily habits and one time installations of cost effective and resource efficient gadgets can make significant impacts in our consumption levels.


Be the instigator! Get your colleagues involved or just lead by example. Click the links below to find out how easy it can be:

Submitted by Admin on Sep 11, 2008